Kid’s Book Review: Soulmates and Other Ways To Die

Kid’s Book Review: Soulmates and Other Ways To Die

About the Book and Author

Set in an alternative Manchester, written by a Northern author, Soulmates had to be on our list of books to read urgently!

Good news: We all have a soulmate. Thanks to a gene mutation, out there somewhere is our perfect match.
Bad news: Your soul bond means you feel their pain before you’ve even met. And if your soulmate dies . . . you die too.

Control freak Zoe is determined to stay alive – and single. She carries a survival kit for every eventuality, but even she can’t prepare for a match with Milo Spencer, a boy who lives for recreational danger. It’s time to find a cure . . .

Melissa Welliver writes Young Adult Speculative novels. She works at Writementor and runs the Community Writing Hub for Children’s writers. She has two dystopian rom-coms, My Love Life and the Apocalypse and Soulmates and Other Ways to Die, published with Chicken House Books. The first in her dark dystopian trilogy, The Undying Tower, will be published by UCLan Publishing in August 2024.

Melissa has completed the acclaimed Curtis Brown Creative Novel Writing Course for children under the tutelage of Catherine Johnson. She has been longlisted for the Bath Novel Award, the #BNAKids award, and Mslexia’s Children’s Novel Prize, and she was shortlisted for both the inaugural Hachette Children’s Novel Award in association with New Writing North, and the Wells Book for Children competition.

Book Review

Hands down, a romance with dual POVs are the absolute BEST

STOP. THIS WAS SO GOOD. LIKE, SOOOOO GOOD!! I swear, the first thought I had when I finished “Soulmates and other ways to die” by Melissa Welliver was that Jump then Fall (TV) by Taylor Swift was the perfect song to describe Milo and Zoe’s relationship 🤣!

Hands down, a romance with dual POVs are the absolute BEST. Like, seeing how person A in the relationship sees person B and how person B sees person A???? YESSIR!! And one of the best things about the dual POV in this book was that they both thought completely different things (mainly at the start) Like, not your typical both people in a relationship who are completely smitten with each other, you know? Also, did I mention that it’s ENEMIES TO LOVERSSSSSS!!!?!!?!!! I’m sorry (not really), but enemies to lovers is the best trope ever and I will defend that until I die. OH, and it’s enemies to lovers with teasing/sarcasm/banter, so what more could you ask for???

Anyways, moving on to the characters, my favourite one from the minute she was introduced was Aisha, the MMC best friend. I feel like she reminds me sooo much of myself, it’s like seeing a mirror image of myself in a book!!

Moving on, I hate to say this but I feel like without romance, the plot of this book just wouldn’t be as good, you know? Like, the relationships are the extra secret ingredient! Even though the book revolves around the idea of the person you’re perfect with, there has to be that reluctant pair who were destined to be together but didn’t want to be and then they both grow on each other and then they kiss and then get annoyed and then make up and now I’m just waffling 💀 But you get the gist, so it’s fineeee.

Basically, to sum this review up, I’m a sucker for enemies to lovers romance, especially when there’s teasing banter sarcasm thing! 4/5 stars, 9/10, however you rate things!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Reeya
  • Age: 13 years
  • Likes: Cassandra Clare, The Shadowhunter novels and Taylor Swift
  • Dislikes: Maths and Zara Dearborn (character from The Shadowhunter)
  • Favourite Book: Powerless by Lauren Roberts
  • Favourite Song: Who's Afraid of Little Old Me? by Taylor Swift
  • Favourite Film: The Eras Tour