Kid’s Book Review: Stars in Their Eyes

Kid’s Book Review: Stars in Their Eyes

About the Book and Author

In this lighthearted YA graphic novel romance, Maisie and Ollie discover that nothing beats the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Maisie is on her way to Fancon where she will come face-to-face with her idol, Kara Bufano, fellow amputee and hardcore heroine of her favourite TV show.

But when Maisie and her mum arrive at the convention centre, she is stopped in her tracks by Ollie, a cute volunteer working the show. They are kind, charming, and geek out about nerd culture just as much as Maisie does. And as the day wears on, Maisie’s heart swells with feelings for Ollie in ways that she’s never felt before.

Stars in their Eyes
Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton is a picture book author, teacher, parent, daughter of a trans parent, and proud queer, disabled woman. They wrote Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story About Gender and Friendship to help explain gender identity in a simple, positive way to their kids.

Aśka is an energetic visual storyteller, comic maker and science communicator, who’s also a passionate advocate of visual literacy.

Book Review

Perfect for fans of the LGBTQ+ community or anyone who is curious

Um, excuse me, but how is it legal to write a book this amazing? I absolutely adored it!!

One of my favourite parts about this novel was the way it was written. It was like a comic, so a graphic novel, and they way the author wrote the speech bubbles was incredible! I also really enjoyed the illustrations and how funny they were!

Another one of the things I love about this books is the message behind the storyline. The main character has a disability and is going to an event like Comic Con to meet her acting hero in a show she really likes. She feels like she has a connection to this actor because they have the same disability. I think the meaning of that goes deeper. I think that the author was trying to tell us it doesn’t matter how you look, if you’re homosexual or if you’re non – binary: everyone is different and you should be proud of those differences.

Unlike most books, this graphic novel takes place over two days whereas as most take place over a longer period of time, usually a week or so, but I think that if the novel was spread out over more than a day at the very least, it would’ve completely disrupted the storyline. The events happen so quickly and it makes you realise that time is as quick or slow as you like!

Overall, 100/10 from me and I highly recommend it 😄. Perfect for fans of the LGBTQ+ community or anyone who is curious. I think that it’s appropriate for ages 12+ or if your parents think you’re mature enough. I hoped you enjoyed this review!!

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