Kid’s Book Review: Storyland – Discover the magical myths and lost legends of Britain

Kid’s Book Review: Storyland – Discover the magical myths and lost legends of Britain

About the Book and Author

You will have heard of Thor, Medusa and Hercules. But what about the myths of the British landscape? The Trojan heroes who wrestled giants. The Syrian sisters who found refuge on our lands. The dragons who slept in hollow hills. And the kings who communed with the dead . .

In this vivid and beautifully illustrated mythology of Britain, children will discover enchanting tales of magic and adventure, giants and demons, princesses and prophecies.

Travelling across the wildest of landscapes – as far north as Orkney and south as Cornwall – young readers will build Stonehenge with the young Merlin, chase hounds up the mountains of Wales, ride stags into the forests of Scotland and sail with Trojans along the rivers of Britain, discovering a land steeped in myth, monsters and heroes.


Amy Jeffs

Amy Jeffs is an art historian specialising in the Middle Ages. In 2019, she gained a PhD in Art History from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, having studied for earlier degrees at the Courtauld Institute of Art and the University of Cambridge. During her PhD Amy co-convened a project researching medieval badges and pilgrim souvenirs at the British Museum. She then worked in the British Library’s department of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern manuscripts.

Amy is now based in Somerset as a full-time author and artist printmaker. Her first book, Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain, was a Sunday Times Bestseller. By offering it here as a children’s book, she hopes to bring medieval stories to young readers, enabling them to populate a familiar landscape with goddesses, Trojans, giants, runaway servants and power-hungry kings.

Book Review

This book is an amazing adventure filled with wonder, magic, myths and curiosity. I found it extremely likeable since it allows yourself to become immersed with mist and magic, heroes and monsters, danger and adventures all in JUST one book!

Included are old myths and lost legends from all around the world, some of which you may already know about. One extremely interesting feature that I enjoyed was that every story seemed to link along with the next.

I would recommend this book to schools, historians and anybody interested in fantasy.

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