Kid’s Book Review: Striking Out

Kid’s Book Review: Striking Out

About the Book and Author

This inspiring book, about a lad called Jerome, is based on Ian Wright’s life-story. Football fans will love all the footie references and its overall context, but the story’s message about the importance of not giving up, staying focussed and working with determination to achieve your personal goals is relevant to every reader. It is co-written by Ian with Musa Okwonga and artist Benjamin Wachenje has designed the eye-catching glossy red cover.

Thirteen-year-old Jerome Jackson dreams of becoming a world-class footballer. But with a difficult home life, Jerome can’t see how he’ll ever make this dream come true of becoming a footballer. But then he meets a mentor figure (based on Ian’s teacher Sydney Pigden, who was an influential role model) who will hopefully help him to get (and stay) on the right track.

Striking Out
Ian Wright

Ian Wright is one of the UK’s all-time leading goal scorers. He’s lifted the Primmer League title, The FA Cup, the European Winners’ Cup and won the Golden Boot. Now is one of the most respected football pundits in the UK. This is Ian’s first book for children.

Musa Okwonga is a poet, journalist and musician: he is co-host of the Stadio football podcast and lives in Berlin.

Book Review

It is one of the best books I’ve ever read

This book is about a boy called Jerome who loved football and couldn’t stop playing. It is also about some of troubles he faced at home

My favourite character is … Jerome because I found Jerome a real inspiration and quite funny and creative in football. I also really like Ian Wright because in the book he taught me a lot of things like how you can look at the ball once and then run with it and strike it home without looking at it again (I also learnt some tips from Jerome of course!)

I loved how the book had so many twists and turns because it made it so exciting. An example of one of the twists was when Larry (Jerome’s mean step dad) suddenly got angry and Jerome left home, but thankfully people found him and brought him back home to his mum. I was shocked every time one of those twist and turns happened, so I thought the book was filled with many different surprises. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

So the score I rate it is … easily 5 out of 5

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Junior Reviewer Sid
  • Name: Sid
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: football, gaming and Liverpool FC
  • Dislikes: cheese and slugs
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