Kid’s Book Review: Swan Song

Kid’s Book Review: Swan Song

About the Book and Author

Gill Lewis has written another charming story with relationships and nature at its heart. This title will be published in February 2021 by Barrington Stoke.

It is a short story, but perfectly formed and with rounded characters who invite empathy.

Dylan is struggling. Since he started high school, everything has become too much to handle. Now he’s been expelled and is forced to move to the tiny village in Wales where his grandad lives. But when Grandad invites Dylan out on his boat to watch the Whooper swans return to their winter feeding ground, things begin to change. Grandad doesn’t judge or question; he just lets Dylan be.

Out on the water, with no distractions or pressure, Dylan begins to feel like himself again. But when the swans and their home are threatened, and tragedy strikes at home, can Dylan keep going when it feels like everything is slipping out of control again?

Swan Song front cover

Gill Lewis worked as a vet in the UK and across the world before becoming the acclaimed author of several books for children, including Sky Hawk and Gorilla Dawn. Her writing usually involves animals and an environmental message which is informative and thought-provoking for young readers as it raises awards about endangered species and animal welfare issues.

Gill’s writing has earned her numerous awards such as the UKLA Children’s Book Award and the Little Rebel Award, and several nominations for prestigious awards including the CILIP Carnegie Medal. You can find out more from the author’s website.

Book Review

My favourite part was when the swans came back home

I liked the book, it was about a boy and how he started out having a bad time, but then once he saw the swans on the ocean water he felt better.
My favourite part was when the swans came back home and they managed to save the swan gardens.

The book made me feel sad and happy at the same time, but it had a happy ending.

[Sol’s Mum messaged us to say that her son could not put this book down. He had been completely engrossed with the story.]

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Reviewer Profile

Solomon young reviewer
  • Name: Sol
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: platypus's, pesto pasta and playing Super Mario
  • Dislikes: washing-up and olives
  • Favourite Book: The Boy who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars
  • Favourite Song: Jesus Thank you by Sovereign Grace