Kid’s Book Review: Tell Me No Lies

Kid’s Book Review: Tell Me No Lies

About the Book and Author

This is a shocking YA thriller about two very different sisters whose already fragile bond is tested to the limit when one girl’s boyfriend goes missing and her sister becomes the primary suspect…


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Andrea Contos is an award-winning writer of young adult mysteries and thrillers. She’s the author of TELL ME NO LIES, OUT OF THE FIRE, and THROWAWAY GIRLS. She’s an ITW award winner for Best Young Adult Novel and her debut was named a Kirkus Best Books of 2020. She grew up in Detroit, and thanks to the tours given by her policeman father, she can tell you exactly where the morgue is!

Book Review

I really liked the way that each chapter switches from each sister's perspective

Although it took me a long time to read I really enjoyed this book. There are so many twists and turns which really kept me interested.

I just kept finding out new things and they shocked me into keeping reading.

When Sophie’s boyfriend disappears at a party, most people think he’s dead of ran away however Sophie knows that her sister left with him. Sophie begins to receive texts from someone claiming to be Garret and their lives take a turn for the worst. With their future and lives in danger the sisters have to decide wether to trust each other or leave their secrets in the dark to cause them more danger.

I really liked the way that each chapter switches from each sister’s perspectiveI really liked the way that each chapter switches from each sister’s perspective because it made the story loads more interesting and you could see the differences in the two characters. It also showed the story from both sides and what they were trying to do and stop.

I think that this book is suitable for ages 12 and over and for anyone who enjoys a light mystery story.

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