Kid’s Book Review: The Accidental Stowaway

Kid’s Book Review: The Accidental Stowaway

About the Book and Author

From Judith Eagle is a historical adventure set on a cruise trip bound for New York.

When Patch runs up the gangway of steamship, RMS Glorious, she isn’t planning to hang around. But if she leaves her hiding place the constable might catch her: sitting tight is worth the risk. Too late, she realises the ship is setting sail! Patch has become an accidental stowaway.

But hiding away becomes less and less easy: her new friends urgently need her help and there’s a mystery that needs solving, all before they reach New York . .

The Accidental Stowaway
Judith Eagle

Judith Eagle is the author of The Secret Starling and The Pear Affair. She currently works in two secondary schools as a librarian and library assistant.

Book Review

Patch is a wonderful, joyful and clever character

The Accidental Stowaway is a fun adventure book about a girl who accidentally boarded a ship before it set sail and ended up on a massive adventure involving the ship, its crew, its passengers and its stowaways.

The book focuses on a young, orphan girl called Patch who is constantly moving homes and leaving people and things behind. Patch is a wonderful, joyful and clever character who constantly manages to come up with solutions in the nick of time adding stunning elements of suspense to the story.

Overall I really enjoyed the storyline and I would recommend the book to all ages. It was a really enjoyable read and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Name: Lucy
  • Age: 12 years
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