Kid’s Book Review: The B Team Win

Kid’s Book Review: The B Team Win

About the Book and Author

This is the second book about wanna-be knight Rhodri and his trusty hound. The B Team stories encourage perseverance, promote determination and express pride in effort rather than attainment. They are written by Roy Noble, illustrated in colour by Karl Davies and are published by indie Welsh publisher Graffeg Ltd. We recommend the books for readers aged 7 years +

Wednesdays had become the worst for Rhodri, full of school tests and always a let-down, but his chance meeting with Idris, a member of the legendary King Arthur’s Court, looks to change all this.

As the next Wednesday rolls around, combining their friendship, bravery, and a little bit of luck, Rhodri, Idris and Dylan, Rhodri’s dog, set out to achieve their goals in this story of patience and perseverance – Rhodri will make it to top of his class, Dylan, the former sheepdog, will find a new purpose, and Idris will take his place among King Arthur’s knights.

Roy Noble author

Roy Noble is a native of Brynaman in the Amman Valley but has lived for over forty years in Aberdare. Following a professional career in education he eventually joined the BBC, where his daily radio programme attained high listening figures for a number of years, culminating in a national Sony Award. His work with Graffeg includes Down the Road and Round the Bend, an anecdotal recounting of traditional stories and urban myths from the length and breadth of Wales, and the children’s stories Walking with Bamps and The B Team.

Karl Davies is an exciting children’s book illustrator whose work has brought the cast and characters of Graffeg’s ABC of Opera series vividly to life. Karl is a landscape artist based in Pontypridd, Wales, and also illustrated Walking with Bamps, the first children’s book from Roy Noble, as well as The B Team, the first title in this series.

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Book Review

The story is quite clever how the author manages to bring together magic and everyday life

This is a book about a boy, a knight and a dog who are trying to make their life better. The interesting part is the knights are in the world of today which is a funny image to picture. I think the most exciting part was about how Idris manages to become a full knight.

There were quite a few illustrations which helped me to understand the story although some of the words were a little difficult for me to read. The story is quite clever how the author manages to bring together magic and everyday life and it teaches me that change is always possible if we try hard enough. It would be a good story for those who enjoy magic.

I did find it a little confusing especially at the beginning and would have liked a bit more introduction to the characters. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the first book about these characters before this one. I would have also liked the story to be divided into a few more chapters as the second section was quite long.

Mums thoughts: Yusuf managed very well with this longer read only needing help with a few more difficult words. I enjoyed listening for a change! It was exciting to find King Arthur and his knights making an appearance in a modern day story and sparked interest in these famous characters of yore.

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Reviewer Profile

Yusuf young reviewer
  • Name: Yusuf
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: swimming, Lego and bike rides
  • Dislikes: Brussel sprouts and dogs
  • Favourite Book: The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé
  • Favourite Song: Tala'a Al Badru Alayna (Arabic song)