Kid’s Book Review: The Castle Rock Mystery Crew

Kid’s Book Review: The Castle Rock Mystery Crew

About the Book

The Castle Rock Mystery Crew is an exciting mystery story, set in Skegness over the summer holidays. It focuses on the importance of friendship, dementia within families, working-class voices and the great fun of playing detectives! I know reading can be a struggle for some so I hope my book, with pictures throughout and exciting mysteries to solve, will encourage a real feeling of achievement in young readers turning the pages and escaping into a world that feels relatable and rad!”

This is the first book by actor and dementia campaigner Vicky McClure, who is the founder of Our Dementia choir. The above quote is the author’s own words,  to The Bookseller, when asked to describe the story she has written in collaboration with Kim Curren.

Vicky McClure

Vicky  McClure is an English actress, model and presenter. This is her first book.

Book Review

it is a fun book to read... a mystery, but not too serious

It’s a bit of a slow starter, but I’m glad I continued with it as it became a fun book to read. Jase is a very lonely child and has no friends, apart from his family and his dog. As soon as he goes to Castle Rock, he finds new friends and has a new beginning. Jase comes out of his comfort zone and follows in his granny’s footsteps. I won’t reveal too much!

I liked this book because it’s a nice book to read. It has funny words in it. I would recommend it for those that like a little humour here and there.
My favourite character is Sherlock because I like dogs. My second favourite is probably Harri because she doesn’t tolerate any funny business and she has a very competitive spirit. My third favourite character is probably Auntie because she is naughty which made me laugh.

I recommend this book to children aged 8 upwards who like mysteries that aren’t too serious.

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Ava young Reviewer
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