Kid’s Book Review: The Cat That Changed America

Kid’s Book Review: The Cat That Changed America

About the Book and Author

The Cat That Changed America is a captivating  true story of the life of a juvenile mountain lion called P22 who makes a generous journey from the mountains to a new home in the city. The writer Tony Lee Moral has also produced a documentary about this famous big cat who now lives in Griffith Park in the middle of Los Angeles, USA.

P22 has a huge fan club, not only in the States,  as conservationists try to raise money to build a wildlife crossing over the 101 freeway. This story has an important conservation message for young readers aged 7-11 years. You can watch the trailer here

The Cat That Changed America

Born in the South of England Tony Lee Moral has been telling people’s stories all his life. You can check out his work in film and experience as an interviewer before he became a writer on his website. You can find out more about the making of The Cat The Changed America film here

Tony has also written a book called The Haunting of Alice May. Check out this YA series here Ghost Maven


Book Review

My favourite part of the story was when he has to cross the busy roads to get to the new park.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it is an exciting true story.

It is about a mountain like called P22 who has to leave his mother’s territory as he is now a grown lion. He goes on a long journey from the Santa Monica mountains and through Hollywood to find a park that he can make his home.

My favourite part of the story was when he has to cross the busy roads to get to the new park.

This is really scary for animals as the roads are so fast and dangerous. He made a incredible journey that was over 60 miles long, in the end he is happy in his new home.


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