Kid’s Book Review: The Family Fortuna

Kid’s Book Review: The Family Fortuna

About the Book and Author

Beaked. Feathered. Monstrous. Avita was born to be a star. Her tent sells out nightly, and every performance incites bloodcurdling screams. But when a handsome young artist arrives to create posters of the performers, she’s appalled by his rendering of Bird Girl.

Is that all he sees? A hideous monster? Determined to be more, Avita devises a plan to snatch freedom out from under the greased moustache of her charismatic father. But will their fragile circus family survive the show she has in mind?

Lindsay Eagar is an American author of books for children and young adults. Please visit her author page on Walker Books to find out more about Lindsay and her work.

Book Review

The characters played a big part in my enjoyment of the book. They were all very cleverly described and so felt very real

The Family Fortuna was a fun and insightful book, full of thought-provoking analogies and ideas. It revolves around the Family Fortuna circus and features many different characters’ perspectives, but mainly revolves around Avita. Avita is the jewel of the circus and her tent is always the loudest of them all, but is not full of joyful cries and laughter Instead, bloodcurdling screams startle the birds on the neighbouring trees into flight, because Avita is a monster and feeds on the shrieks, gasps and terror from the horrified crowd. But when Avita’s eyes are opened to how the world views her, she decides to change her bestselling act, which is met with some less-than-positive emotions.

I really liked this book! It was really interesting to learn more about circus life and how tricky it is, and the unusual background added an extra spark to the book. As the circus packed up and travelled round America, the places were hauntingly described with exquisite detail. The tone of the book was certainly not jolly, however, banter between friends was sprinkled in so it wasn’t too heavy.

For me, it was quite hard to start the book, but once I got past the first ten or so pages, I was totally engrossed! The characters played a big part in my enjoyment of the book. They were all very cleverly described and so felt very real. This meant that the author (Lindsay Eagar) could change how I felt about them from one page to the next, which made the book fascinating to read. The character arcs and changes throughout the book also kept my attention and I felt as if they were my friends after finishing the book.

My favourite character was Luna (Avita’s older sister). This was because she was firstly portrayed as a dreamy, vague girl, but was shaped up to be a compelling and mysterious woman. Without giving any spoilers, there were a couple of chapters where she was described beautifully, and these chapters have stuck with me since.


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