Kid’s Book Review: The Funniest Boy in the World

Kid’s Book Review: The Funniest Boy in the World

About the Book and Author

You may be already familiar with Billy Plimpton who, despite having a stammer, was brave enough to to entertain the crowds at the triumphant ending to The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh.

In this continuation of the story Billy is going viral when celebrity comedian Leo Leggett takes Billy under his wing, as his new sidekick: when Leo tweets a clip of his stand-up act, Billy suddenly becomes the most famous boy in the country.

At first, this is GREAT – all the kids at school think he’s cool and he gets to appear on his favourite morning TV show. But Leo’s motives turn out to be shady and Billy must turn the tables in a very public way…

The Funniest Boy in the World
Helen Rutter author

Helen Rutter lives in the countryside near Sheffield. She is the author of the bestselling books The Boy Whose Wishes Came True and the prequel to this book The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh. The author’s inspiration for the character Billy Plimpton was her son, who has a stammer like Billy.

Book Review

The plot has some clever twists and turns

This book follows a boy called Billy Plimpton, who is determined to make it big in the world of comedy, despite the fact that he has a stutter. His ambitions get a big boost when he is supported by the famous comedian Leo Legget – but Leo is hiding something.

While all this is going on, Billy is also worrying about his best friend, Skyla, whose mum drinks too much, and that means Skyla might be taken into foster care.

Billy realises his suspicions about Leo might be true when Leo steals one of Billy’s best jokes to use at one of his shows.

I really enjoyed the plot of this book, where Billy has to choose between stopping Leo’s dastardly plot and helping his friend Skyla. Helen Rutter, the writer, makes you really care about what happens to Billy and Skyla and you’re rooting for them to win in the end.

The plot has some clever twists and turns and the author is very good at leading you to believe the story will go in one direction, but then it goes in totally the opposite direction.

Overall, this book is a great emotional rollercoaster as you can’t wait to see how it turns out. A great read.

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