Kid’s Book Review: The Goody

Kid’s Book Review: The Goody

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

From the creator of Charlie and Lola is a gorgeous stand-alone picture book about a brother and sister who are neither entirely good nor entirely bad.

Beautifully illustrated throughtout in Lauren’s iconic style it is a charming and amusing story about a family with a cautionary message for grown-ups about pigeon-holing our off-springs’ personalities! It is published by Hachette and currently available in hardback.

Chirton Krauss is a good child – the very goodest. He does everything he is told, when he is told. He even does good things without being told. He eats his broccoli, he goes to bed on time and he never, ever sticks his finger up his nose.

Meanwhile, Chirton’s sister, Myrtle, is NOT a good child. She stays up late, she never cleans out the rabbit’s hutch and she drops her choco puffs all over the carpet! But what will happen when Chirton Krauss decides that being THE GOODY isn’t so good after all…?


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Lauren Child author

Lauren Child MBE is a multi-award-winning author and Waterstones 2017-2019 Children’s Laureate, whose books are known and loved the world over. She is the creator of many much-loved characters, including Charlie and Lola, Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort.

Since her first book was published in 1999, Lauren has sold over six million books in 19 languages worldwide. Her many awards include the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal for I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato, the Nestle Gold Book Award for That Pesky Rat and the Nestle Bronze Book Award for Beware of the Storybook Wolves.

Lauren is a UNESCO Artist for Peace and a Trustee of the House of Illustration, and has an MBE for services to literature. You can find out more about Lauren by visiting her website.


Book Review

I think the story means that no one is only good or bad

My mummy read The Goody with me because I am 5 years old.

I liked the pictures and the faces of Chirton and Myrtle told me how they were feeling. In one picture, Chirton looked like Myrtle when Myrtle was watching TV and being bad, and Myrtle was surprised.

I think the story means that no one is only good or bad. I don’t like being bad and anyone can be good or bad or say thank you.

Myrtle does something good and she gets a goody bag at a party which makes her happy.

I liked the book and want to read it again with my brother Raffy, Daddy and my little sister Indie as I think they will like it too.

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  • Name: Nala
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: family, scooting, dressing-up
  • Dislikes: onions, monsters
  • Favourite Book: The Memory Tree by Britta Teckentrup
  • Favourite Film: Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews version)
  • Favourite Song: The Monster Song by The Seniors