Kid’s Book Review: The Horror of Dunwick Farm

Kid’s Book Review: The Horror of Dunwick Farm

About the Book and Author

This is the third mystery in the ‘Crooked Oak’ series of strange happenings created by Dan Smith for Barrington Stoke. The text is accompanied by black and white illustrations by Chris King.

When an unidentified plane crashes in the fields next to Dunwick Farm in Crooked Oak, it quickly becomes clear that it was carrying some unusual cargo as people in the town fall suddenly ill and animals start behaving strangely.

Pete, Krish and Nancy try to find out what was in the glass boxes on board the plane. But as they uncover the facts, the trio realise that they are becoming entangled in a terrifying web …

The Horror of Dunwick Farm
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Dan Smith is the bestselling author of books for both children and adults. His children’s titles include Mr Friend the Enemy and Boy X have won him the Coventry Inspiration Award, Essex Book Award and nominations for the Bradford Boase Award and Young Quills Award. He lives in Newcastle and you can find out more about his books on his website.

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Book Review

I'm not dyslexic but I found it a comfortable read – perhaps all books should be printed in this way?!

This was a thrilling book, but perhaps not one to be read by those with arachnophobia.

Yes! This book contains spiders, but not just ordinary spiders, no – these spiders are enormous. I however am not afraid of spiders and found this an exciting read.

This is the third book that the author Dan Smith has written, though there is no need to have read the other two before this one. It makes perfect sense on its own. Though having said this, once you’d read this you’ll want to read the other 2 also (mine are already on order).

I enjoyed this book from the start, and found it an easy but exhilarating read, because the story leads you on an adventure following 3 friends attempting to uncover the mystery of a plan crash and what it had on board. I liked all the characters as the author made them come to life on the page, and I found myself thinking that I was part of the story wanting to help uncover the mystery too.

The book is published in a readable way, which my mum tells me is to help those who are dyslexic. I’m not dyslexic but I found it a comfortable read – perhaps all books should be printed in this way?!

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books about adventures. I’m looking forward to getting the other 2 books to read soon!

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