Kid’s Book Review: The Legend of the Wild West Twins

Kid’s Book Review: The Legend of the Wild West Twins

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Buffalo Lil and Buffalo Jill are identical twins, but they’re as different as a rosy apple and a prickly pear(which is actually a cactus and not a fruit!).

The folks of their home town Lone Ridge love sweet, smilin’ Jill, but think Lil’s too big for her boots – especially when she enters the RIP ROARIN’ RUMBLE, a fearsome Wild West contest, against the town’s hero Yee-Haw Jack.

In this action-packed Country & Western story readers learn that appearances can be deceptive and cheaters can never take pride in winning a competition.


Jodie Lancet-Grant is the author of The Pirate Mums and The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures. The Pirate Mums made history as the first book with a two-mum family to be read as a Cbeebies Bedtime Story, when it appeared in 2021, read by Sue Perkins.

In her day job, she is Associate Publisher at Bluebird, Pan Macmillan, where she commissions high-profile non-fiction books. Jodie is the chair of judges for the Polari Prize for Children’s Books celebrating LGBTQ+ books and creatives.

Katie Cottle is a freelance illustrator and picture-book-maker who moved to Bristol to study illustration at UWE and hasn’t left since graduating in 2017!

She enjoy telling stories through my drawing and use a variety of media, including a mix of traditional and digital techniques.


Book Review

The story is about sisterhood and helping people when they need it and it's about being honest too

This book was good and interesting!

This book was about two sisters and at the start one of them is a cowgirl and wants to win the competition and be like her hero. But they find out the hero is actually a cheater! The other sister helps her twin sister by catching the cheater out.

The story is about sisterhood and helping people when they need it and it’s about being honest too.

There is a twist at the end which is very exciting!

The illustrations were excellent because they help you understand the story and they were colourful and nice with lots of details like the ice cream sundaes and what the town looks like.

I think everyone will like this book, especially people who like cowboy stories, except this is about cowgirls so it’s even more fun!

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Unaysa
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: Cycling, drawing pictures, art and crafts
  • Dislikes: monsters, ghost and cavities
  • Favourite Movie: Paw Patrol
  • Favourite Song: I'm a Little Teapot
  • Favourite Book: Fix it Duck by Jez Alborough