Kid’s Book Review: The Little Museum

Kid’s Book Review: The Little Museum

About the Book and Author

The Little Museum is a slim, illustrated travel adventure mystery for boys and girls aged 8-11 with a fun introduction to France and learning the French language. This makes the book  a little bit different as it is a story with an added dimension which we love.

When Lucy and her younger brother, Tom, find out their mum is part of a group of Extraordinary Travellers they have no idea how much their life is going to change and what adventure awaits them.

Join them on their quest to discover why the Eiffel Tower has disappeared, what else the Little Museum is going to contain and why the President of France needs their help to find the missing treasures.

The Little Museum is the first in a series so watch out for where the Extraordinary Travellers end up next…

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Travelling as a family has long been a passion for Wirral-based Karen Beddow who turned her love of exploring the world into one of the most successful family travel blogs in the UK; Mini Travellers.

While travelling with her husband and three children to destinations all over the world as part of her job, Karen started to create a children’s story to not only entertain but inspire parents and children to learn more about the world around them. She began writing her first book ‘The Little Museum’ three years ago but lockdown inspired her to get her works published with families across the UK collectively daydreaming about their next family adventure abroad.



Book Review

I will definitely look out to collect more books in this series

This is an adventurous book and it is brilliant.

It is full of exciting new French words to learn. This book is about a group of Extraordinary Travellers who must try to stop a thief shrinking all of the French landmarks. You will go on an adventure with Lucy, Tom their Mum and Dad as they go to France to help the President of France rescue important French culture such as the Eiffel Tower, Mont Blanc and the Tour de France.

It all starts with Athena Strong who is a Scientist and an amazing inventor. She was also the founder of Extraordinary Travellers. But in the wrong hands some of her inventions start to cause chaos! A girl named Sylvie and her accomplice, Jacques, find a machine that Athena invented called ‘the sizing funnel’. They take it on a journey across France, using it to shrink things as they go, in order to put them on display in Sylvie’s museum (or musée, in French).

As you read the story you join Lucy and Tom in their race after Sylvie and Jacques around France to try and put things right.

I particularly liked learning all the French words as the story goes along. You also learnt how to pronounce the words because it shows you how to say them by breaking them down in English. It was an interesting way to learn because the words were part of the story.

Sylvie is the villain but if she was not there you wouldn’t learn as much because she is the one who takes us around France so she is quite likeable to the reader. She also starts the mystery and this is definitely the way that the book hooks you in because you want to find out what she will shrink next.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a page turner with a difference! I will definitely look out to collect more books in this series.

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