Kid’s Book Review: The Midnight Thief

Kid’s Book Review: The Midnight Thief

About the Book and Author

For readers who are fans of classic mysteries set in boarding schools such as the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton, here is a modern story that has great characters and and lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing. It is written by Sylvia Bishop and is published by Scholastic.

Transplanted from her exciting life as an explorer’s daughter, Freya finds herself miserable at a posh boarding school. Freya hates all the boring rules, the other girls are mean to her, and the headmistress is frosty good manners personified. When a bat removal expert is called in to deal with an infestation, Freya meets his irrepressible children – and finds herself making friends at last. Together they explore the city, with particular interest in the grand exhibition showing priceless artefacts for the first time. When the objects are stolen in a dramatic heist, Freya is sure her new friends are responsible – but the true culprit might be closer to home…

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Sylvia Bishop

Sylvia Bishop spent an entire childhood reading fiction, dreaming up stories and Pretending. Now she writes her stories down, and uses her background in improv to run writing workshops that focus on creativity and generating ideas. She still performs comedy, and is one half of musical duo The Peablossom Cabaret. On her website you can find out more about the other books she has written.

Book Review

All the characters in the book are completely kooky and fun

The Midnight Thief is a great book with mystery, friendship and bats. This is a pretty easy to read book but it is also one I found hard to put down! With its plot twists and cliff hangers everything could change at any one moment and change your mind on characters completely.

The book starts when Freya snuck into the school’s attic and found a bat, but this bat isn’t a normal bat, it is a life-changing bat. This bat helps her find friends, discover mystery in the boringest places and all in all find her place in this crazy school.

All the characters in the book are completely kooky and fun: Mrs Featherly always quoting random poetry, Henny blowing up the science lab and PC Fig with his bat theory. The school is the perfect setting for the mystery to unfurl because it seemed like the most normal place. My favourite characters are definitely the twins and my favourite part is when the mystery was figured out at the very end.

To conclude, this is a great book that I would really recommend.

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  • Name: Tilly
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: swimming, dogs and hot chocolate
  • Dislikes: mashed potatoes and tests
  • Favourite Book: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
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