Kid’s Book Review: The Night My Dream Came Alive

Kid’s Book Review: The Night My Dream Came Alive

About the Book and Author

This sometimes exciting, scary and funny book by Juliette Forrest will appeal to children who enjoy reading fantasy adventure stories. It is published by Scholastic.

Every night Ollo goes to sleep willing something wonderful to happen, like flying out of the window and soaring over town, or galloping through a field of flowers on a unicorn. But nothing ever does: she can’t dream.

All the other kids at school have dreams. And they’re not just ordinary dreams; they’re enhanced, fantastical ones with a guaranteed nightmare-free adventure every single night. That’s because there’s a special place in town called the Dream Store, which sells every fun dream imaginable to those who can afford it, in the form of DreamDrops.

When Ollo finally tries a DreamDrop, will she have the adventure of her life, or will things take a nightmarish turn…?


over The Night my Dream Came Alive
Juliette Forrest

Juliette Forrest is the author of Twister which went on to become a Sunday Times Book of the Week, was chosen by The Guardian as the ‘one must-read book of the summer’ for children aged 7-12, was longlisted for the Branford Boase Award and won Calderdale Book of the Year. Her second novel The True Colours of Coral Glen was published in April 2019 and her third novel The Night My Dream Came Alive was released in August 2021. You can read more about this author and contact to arrange a visit to your school via her website.

Book Review

This was a book that I had to keep reading, even when I was too tired to read anymore. The story had me gripped.

This was a book that I had to keep reading, even when I was too tired to read anymore. The story had me gripped.
The main character in the book is called Ollo, who wants to dream but she can’t – until she has dream lessons from Mr Curley, the Guardian of Dreams.

Mr Curley was my favourite character because he is nice and kind and wants to help people have amazing dreams including Ollo. Though Ollo makes a dangerous decision and things become a bit scary, but not to scary (let’s say mildly frightening) because of the Mother of All Nightmares. I don’t want to say too much more so I don’t give the story away but I wouldn’t want to come across the Mother of All Nightmares!

I enjoyed reading this book because it was exciting, scary and funny too at times. I think anyone who likes adventure and fantasy books would enjoy reading ‘The Night My Dream Came Alive’.

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