Kid’s Book Review: The Notorious Scarlett and Browne

Kid’s Book Review: The Notorious Scarlett and Browne

About the Book and Author

The adventures of the notorious duo, Scarlett McCain and Albert Browne continues…

As they continue to wreak havoc across the Seven Kingdoms neither is fully able to escape the shackles of the past – as they discover when a dangerous job turns sour. Soon old enemies and sinister new threats are pressing in on every side, and Scarlett and Browne must pull off an impossible mission and strike out against The Faith Houses and the Brothers of the Hand if they are to save the people they hold most dear.

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Jonathan Stroud wrote his first novel – Buried Fire – while working as an editor at Walker Books. He is the author of two internationally bestselling series: the award-winning Bartimaeus sequence, which has been published in 36 languages worldwide, and the critically acclaimed Lockwood & Co, which is currently being adapted by Netflix. His other novels include The Leap, The Last Siege and Heroes of the Valley.

Book Review

It was interesting to read a book that was set in a dystopian world, showing an alternative way of living as I don’t read that genre often

I enjoyed reading The Notorious Scarlett & Browne as it was a gripping book, full of suspense and a lot of exploits.

The action starts from the first chapter, mysteriously welcoming back the two main characters. The story is very detailed in the description of landscapes, situations and characters. It makes it really easy to picture the scenarios Scarlett and Browne find themselves in.

As a first time reader of this series, I found that it helped to have read the review from the first instalment:

It gave me some crucial pieces of information to fully appreciate the novel I was reading.

I really liked and warmed towards the main character, Scarlett McCain. I thought she was a really strong female lead fighting injustice. She seemed like a generally violent person to begin with but I got to understand her better as her past was revealed in this second book. I sympathised with her and cheered her on as her adventures progressed. I also liked Scarlett’s sidekick, Albert Browne, as he added a more gentle touch to the book and a contrasting but complementing view to Scarlett’s.

 It was interesting to read a book that was set in a dystopian world, showing an alternative way of living as I don’t read that genre often. The various sides in the story were defined as good (the Faith Houses) vs bad (the outlaws Scarlett and Browne, the Brothers of the Hand). It made the reader question whether the “good” side was really that good and whether those who have been classified as ”bad” are really that horrible once you know them and their motivations.

I think this book is suited for strong, independent readers from age 12 and adults alike. Alternatively, it works well for those wishing to read along with an adult as it has just under 400 pages. There is some violence in it, some dangerous and scary passages and characters, and a few complicated words which I found helpful to find the meaning of as I read along.

I would be interested if this series continued to follow Scarlett and Albert on their next adventures and learn more about their lives.

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