Kid’s Book Review: The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club

Kid’s Book Review: The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club

About the Book and Author

Fans of the popular Explorers’ Club series written by Alex Bell will be delighted with adventure  No.4 as it introduces Ursula, a part mermaid girl who is determined to follow in Stella’s footsteps and help her to defeat the Collector!

In a distant watery corner of the Explorers Kingdom, a submarine engineer, Ursula, is determined to become an explorer. Unfortunately, she hides an extraordinary secret, which makes her the sworn enemy of the Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club were they ever to find out . . .

But when The Collector threatens the Club, Ursula throws caution to the wind and leads an expedition through treacherous waters, filled with gremlins, aboard the Blowfish submarine – and joined by her friends Max, Genie and Jai – and even her idol Stella!


The Ocean Squid Explorers Club

Alex Bell always wanted to be a writer but whilst she completed a Law degree she wrote a grand total of six complete novels! The one written during her first summer holidays off from university, found a home with Gollancz. The Ninth Circle came out in April 2008.

Since then she has published novels and short stories for both adults and young adults. Alex is the author of the Zoella Bookclub title Frozen Charlotte published by Stripes Publishing.

More recently the rights for her middle grade series The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club were purchased by Faber & Faber who have subsequently published 3 other titles in that series : Explorers on Witch Mountain, Explorers on Black Ice Bridge and now The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club. To find out more please check out her website

Book Review

I couldn't put it down... It was so absorbing

I loved this book, it was incredible. I could not put it down!

It was so absorbing, and you never knew what was going to happen next, one minute they were doomed, at the mercy of a volcanic eruption, the next they were joyfully eating in a captivating, underwater hotel!

The adventure was magnificent, daring and extraordinary, mixed in with a handful of magic, all twisted together to make a perfect book.

I loved it all, there was not any part that was not as glorious to read as the rest.

My favourite character was Ursula, half mermaid and the most magic, probably bravest and daring of them all, and the main character of the book. I liked the others too, as they helped her and made friends with her even though no-one else would really. The submarine crew consisting of a half mermaid, two explorers (one employed, one expelled), and a whisperer. What better team?!

Their adventures start at the Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club and finish on the outskirts of the remains of the City of Pacifia, with lots of obstacles on the way. It’s really hard to say much more about this book without giving the twists away! You’ll just have to read it yourself!

I would recommend it to all of my friends and people aged 7 to 13 or maybe more. I loved this book, so that is why I would give it a 5 STAR REVIEW! (I liked it so much I read the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club immediately afterwards.)

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Junior Reviewer Esme
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