Kid’s Book Review: The Pandas Who Promised

Kid’s Book Review: The Pandas Who Promised

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

High on a misty mountainside, red panda cubs Popo and Ketu live happily with their mama. As the sisters grow, they promise Mama that they will always stay close to home.

But while cautious Popo is content to spend her days in the family’s cosy treetop nest, bold Ketu dreams of excitement and exploration. So when Ketu creeps off down the mountain in search of adventure, Popo must make a choice: will she keep her promise to Mama, or look after her sister?

Rachel Bright

Rachel Bright trained in graphics at Kingston University, followed by a Masters Degree in Printmaking at UWE, her striking illustrative and typographic style, coupled with her witty storytelling have resulted in an award winning and ever-growing collection of acclaimed picture books.

Jim Field is an award-winning illustrator, character designer and animation director. From music videos and title sequences to advertising and picture books, Jim has worked collaboratively with Rachel Bright (The Lion Inside), Kes Gray (Oi Frog!) and Julian Gough (Rabbit & Bear). He has also illustrated children’s books with Michael Morpurgo, Michelle Robinson, Jeanne Willis, Steve Cole, comedian David Baddiel and J.K.Rowling.

Book Review

My favourite part is when Popo saves her sister Ketu

The Pandas Who Promised is a fantastic and amazing book because I love the two little panda sisters because they are very cute.

The story is about two pandas who promised their Mummy not to go down the mountainside but one of the pandas, Ketu broke her promise. At first Ketu was excited to be in a new place but then she got into trouble. My favourite part is when Popo saves her sister Ketu.

I think Popo is very sensible and brave. Ketu is adventurous and not so sensible.

I love the pictures because they are brilliant and colourful. My favourite picture is of Popo saving Ketu from the snow leopard with a bamboo cane.

The story ending is happy when the girls are safe with their Mummy. The story teaches me that it is important to have safety.

I liked the ending a lot. I would recommend this story to all of my friends.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Anna
  • Age: 4 years
  • Likes: Sparkly things, chocolate, princesses and ballet
  • Dislikes: Gravy and cabbage
  • Favourite book: You Choose Fairy Tales by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart
  • Favourite song: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift