Kid’s Book Review: The Raven Heir

Kid’s Book Review: The Raven Heir

About the Book and Author

Fans of fantasy will enjoy this magical adventure story from Stephanie Burgis.

Cordelia and her triplets Rosalind and Giles have lived safely in the castle at the centre of the forest all their lives, protected by the spells their mother has woven. The only time Cordelia feels truly free is when she turns into a dragonfly or a blackbird and can fly beyond the great stone walls. But then one day the outside world comes to them and their mother is taken prisoner for failing to reveal which of the triplets is the eldest and therefore the true heir to the Raven throne.

During the rescue mission Cordelia begins to see that there is a deep magic at work, driving her towards a destiny that could tear her family apart, take away her freedom forever or, just maybe, heal a kingdom devastated by a war that has raged for generations.

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Stephanie Burgis author

Stephanie Burgis is a dual citizen of the US and the UK and lives in South Wales (land of dragons) with her husband, the author Patrick Samphire, and their children. The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart was Stephanie’s first (delicious) novel for Bloombsury. She is also the author of The Girl with the Dragon Heart and The Princess who Flew with Dragons.

Book Review

I loved it so much and really want to read more Stephanie Burgis as this story was so incredible!

What I thought of the book:

I found this book Magical (quite literally!) and I really enjoyed reading it. I loved this book because it was very fun to read, and I love magic, so it was a great theme. I like how it got straight into the action immediately rather than the action getting going after a little while. The only thing I disliked was not being able to put it down!

The characters:

My favourite character was Cordelia, because she was brave, determined and loyal, she was also very unique, and I found her fun to read about. I also liked her brother and sister: Rosalind and Giles as they were very different to their sister and helped bring the story to life. All the characters were very interesting.

A brief explanation of the story:

Cordelia and two siblings (they are triplets) were told they were going to be made queen/king, however, their mother didn’t want them to, so she made them leave home to be safe. They went on an epic adventure defeating enemies, evil grandmas and learning the hard truth…

I would recommend this to:

I would definitely recommend this to my friends and other readers around the age of at least 9 to about 15 or maybe even older!

I loved it so much and really want to read more Stephanie Burgis as this story was so incredible!

That is why I give it:



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