Kid’s Book Review: The Santa List

Kid’s Book Review: The Santa List

About the Book and Author

This is a fun festive adventure like no other, with an Elf called Jiggles, a race to save Christmas and lots of cat food by author Kieran Crowley.
When Aisling and Joe antagonise their tough new babysitter, she writes to Santa asking for them to be put on the “naughty list”.  The children enlist the help of the school bully in an attempt to prevent them from missing out on Christmas Eve.

The Santa List
Kieran Crowley

Kieran Crowley is a children’s writer from Mallow, Co. Cork. His debut novel, Colm & the Lazarus Key was nominated for the Bisto Book of the Year Award in 2010 and The Mighty Dynamo was shortlisted for the Hull Children’s Book Award and is also published by Scholastic.

Book Review

It was lots of fun to read

I was so excited to read this book and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The story didn’t really get going as quickly as I wanted it too but when it did, it was lots of fun to read.

The story starts with Aisling and Joe and when their mum and dad go away just before Christmas a baby sitter comes to look after them. They get in trouble and Mrs Grough the baby sitter writes to Santa to say they shouldn’t get any presents. Aisling and Joe ask Victor for help. He is a bully from their school. They end up stealing Santa’s naughty or nice list. When they realise what they’ve done they race to save Christmas.

This is where the book gets really exciting as they don’t have very long to try to fix the problems. I think I would recommend this book to anyone who is 7 years old or more and who loves Christmas.

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Reviewer Profile

Olly young reviewer
  • Name: Olly
  • Age: 7 years
  • Likes: playing cards, woodland walks and going to the park
  • Dislikes: broccoli and green beans
  • Favourite Film: How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Favourite Song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson