Kid’s Book Review: The Secret Wild

Kid’s Book Review: The Secret Wild

About the Book and Author

Fern has spent her whole life in the rainforest, and loves nothing more than climbing, exploring and talking to the trees. When she suddenly has to leave all that behind and move to London, with only an eccentric uncle for company, Fern feels entirely uprooted.

But when she meets a little plant that can understand her every word, it seems that things are looking up! That is until strange things start happening in the city: giant lily pads on the Thames, monkey vines on the London Eye, and now her new friend is starting to wilt…

Can they solve this growing mystery together – before it’s too late?

The Secret Wild
Alex Evelyn

Alex has a degree in Journalism from Cardiff University and a post graduate diploma in Media Relations. She has worked in public relations and as corporate writer, as well as a food writer and photographer for blogs, local newspapers and The Times. She did the Golden Egg Foundation Course and is a member of SCWBI, where she has recently taken part in the Debut Bootcamp and the OMG conference.

Book Review

I may not be a plant fan but I really enjoyed reading it

I think this book is five stars and is definitely a ten out of ten. I love the way Alex Evelyn (the author) makes it so interesting and hard to put down. Even though it didn’t have any pictures the author made it possible to imagine the plot of the book. I think this is a book for anyone aged 6 years or older and maybe children under that age would enjoy having it read to them.

The story starts with a young girl named Fern who loves plants. She lives in a place where you get lots of them -the Jungle.  But she hates her studies. She thinks finding the Latin name for plants is boring. Her parents think she hasn’t been taking her studies seriously enough so, Fern has to live with her Uncle Ned in London where strange things start to happen…

My favourite part is the end so I will wait for you to read it and not give anything away. I think this page-turner is great for people who love botany and all things about nature. I may not be a plant fan but I really enjoyed reading it.

Fern goes on many adventures, some with her next door neighbour Woody or some with her plant named Special. Fern has a special bond with nature and it understands her. I hope this inspires all readers to have a bond with nature.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Eliza
  • Age: 9 years
  • Likes: science, McFly and getting up early
  • Dislikes: yoghurt
  • Favourite Book: The Danger Gang by Tom Fletcher
  • Favourite Film: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Favourite Song: Surfer Babe by McFly