Kid’s Book Review: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Kid’s Book Review: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

About the Book

From the ‘Advenutures in Time ‘ series this book transports readers back to treacherous days in the Tudor court.

Through the eyes of Henry VIII’s six very different queens, from a brave Spanish princess to a wise English widow, historian Dominic Sandbrook takes us on a thrilling journey through the twists and turns of a dramatic age. For no one is safe from the wheel of fortune: it can take you from a golden throne to the Tower of London…

Dominic Sandbrook is a historian, columnist, presenter and author of the Adventures in Time series published by Penguin.

Book Review

Murder, Mystery, Intrigue, Treason, Relationships gone wrong, this book has it all

Set in 1500s, this is a non-fiction book that describes the life of Tudor king Henry VIII. It covers the fateful life of his many wives and how each of them was chased to breaking point by adversity. We learn about his sudden ascension to throne, his numerous marriages, his everchanging take on religion and how he cuts the threads between the Roman church and England. Murder, Mystery, Intrigue, Treason, Relationships gone wrong, this book has it all.

This rollercoaster of a book took me on an impossibly real trek through grief and sadness, pain and anger and ups and downs as each of Henry VIII’s wives were knocked down like pins on a bowling alley. An explosion of emotions in every way as Henry’s wives begged for forgiveness from the daunting executioner’s axe. Each one was knocked off her feet by the slithering serpent of misfortune.

I was dragged into the terrifying world under the rule of the murderous tyrant Henry VIII. As for Henry, he might be richly decorated in jewels and glamours, but the heart inside was of pure, unforgiving stone. I dived into the fearsome Tudor times where one wrong move would make you plunge into the claws of the behemoth beast of death. As reality came into focus and the stench of sewers and rotten eggs faded away, I knew exactly where I wanted to be.

This gory tale let me plummet into the scenes of the past and the triumph and tragedy of the six wives of Henry VIII. With his powerful words, Dominic Sandbrook has weaved a gossamer web of literature that reads like fiction. This captivating book is filled to the brim with excitement and adventure. If you like history, thrillers and unnerving plots, then this gripping book is unequivocally for you.

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  • Age: 9 years
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