Kid’s Book Review: The Starling’s Song

Kid’s Book Review: The Starling’s Song

About the Book and Author and illustrator

This exquisitely illustrated story by Dutch writer and artist Octavia Wolters is a work of art. It follows the story of a starling who wants the world to share his song.

The black and white line-cut illustrations are striking and very detailed as you can see in the photographs further down this post.

The designers at Pushkin Press have been creative with the written language. Their choice of choice of type-face and settings for the text of the story make a simply beautiful publication in a high quality hardback edition that would be as appropriate for an exclusive art gallery a a children’s bookshelf.

The Starling's Song
Octavie Wolters

Octavie Wolters is a writer and artist, mainly working in lino and woodcut. The Starling’s Song won a Dutch Silver Paintbrush award, was shortlisted for the Jan Wouters Award and longlisted for the World Illustration Award. This book is published in the UK by Pushkin Press.


Book Review

My favourite page is the one with the reflections

This book is great! I loved the first page with all the birds drawn together in black and white and I recognised quite a few different types of bird. I also love the size of this book. It’s big with large drawings on each page.

My favourite page is the one with the reflections. It’s got a kingfisher looking into water and the pictures and the words are upside down as if reflected in the water, making the words look like a different language, very clever.

The Starling’s song changed as he spoke to different birds and it made me think of nature and how special it is.

In the end it all came together like a beautiful poem.

Page Preview

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