Kid’s Book Review: The Stolen Songbird

Kid’s Book Review: The Stolen Songbird

About the Book and Author

Can Caro and her friends solve the mystery of the stolen songbird and find its owners before it’s too late?

Readers aged 8 – 11 years join Caro and Horace in their exciting dash across London, enjoying the twists and turns in the plot-line as plentiful as the cobbled streets which Caro and her friends must navigate!

Don’t expect to be able to put the book down at the end of each chapter because the cliff-hangers and suspense will keep you turning those pages!!

The Stolen Songbird
Judith Eagle

Judith Eagle is the author of The Accidental Stowaway (also published by Faber),  The Secret Starling and The Pear Affair. She currently works in two secondary schools as a librarian and library assistant.



Book Review

I loved this book because every character was described so well it was as if they were real people

This is an amazing book that I would definitely recommend for anyone above the age of nine, maybe even eight if they felt confident.

I loved this book because every character was described so well it was as if they were real people. I also really enjoyed it because it would remind you of important parts so you wouldn’t have to keep turning back, wondering why something had happened.

I read books before I go to bed, and every time I said to myself,”Okay, I’ll stop at the end of this chapter” but something really exciting would happen and I would be drawn into another chapter until I found myself reading for hours on end!

My favourite character was definitely a boy named Horace who is the main character’s best friend. He is an amazing person because he always sticks to his word, and he reminds me of my best friend.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Charlotte
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: rock climbing, Greek mythology and sushi
  • Dislikes: anchovies, maths and dolls
  • Favourite Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
  • Favourite Film: Barbie
  • Favourite Song: Six (from the musical)