Kid’s Book Review: The Story of Afro Hair

Kid’s Book Review: The Story of Afro Hair

About the Book and Author

From plaits to the Gibson Girl, cornrows to locks, the hi-top fade to funki dreds, The Story of Afro Hair celebrates 5000 years of Afro hair. Kicking off with an explanation of how Afro hair type grows and why the book then takes readers right back to the politics and fashion of Ancient Egypt.

Speeding forwards to modern times we experience the Kingdom of Benin, Henry VIII’s court, the enslavement of African peoples, the Harlem Renaissance, the beginnings of Rastafarianism, Britain in the 1980s right up to the icons of the present day.

Written by Kandace Chimbiri with vibrant full colour illustrations by Joelle Avelino this interesting and informative book about beauty, history and culture is published by Scholastic.

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Kandace Chimbiri (writing as K.N. Chimbiri) started out as a self-published author. She didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, however, she was greatly disturbed by the lack of diversity in children’s books, particularly in Black history. In 2009, Kandace set up her own one-woman publishing house to tackle this inequity. Over the next decade she researched, wrote, published and distributed four Black history books for children from her spare bedroom. You can read more about her writing journey and other published books on her website.

Joelle Avelino is a Congolese and Angolan Illustrator and Animator. She graduated from the University Of Hertfordshire in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration with Marketing.

Book Review

I think other people who like history and stories about women in history would like this book too

I like history but I didn’t know much about Black history or afro hair. It was interesting finding out how hair styles have changed over time, and how Black people giving jobs to other Black people changed things, because lots of Black people were only allowed to do menial jobs to start with.

I like the colourful pages and that it has lots of pictures.

I think other people who like history and stories about women in history would like this book too.

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