Kid’s Book Review: The Summer We Turned Green

Kid’s Book Review: The Summer We Turned Green

About the Book and Author

From William Sutcliffe this story is a fresh, funny look the battle to combat climate change. Entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time the “Greta’ effect will be enjoyed by young readers aged 11-14 years, in whose hands the future of our precious planet will lie. This title is published by Bloomsbury, who we thank for our review copy.

It’s the summer holidays, and thirteen-year-old Luke’s life has been turned upside down. First his older sister Rose moved ‘across the road’, where a community of climate rebels is protesting the planned airport expansion. Then his dad followed her. Dad only went to get Rose back, but now he’s out there building totem poles, wearing sandals and drinking mead (whatever that is) with the best of them… Can Luke save his family when all they want to do is save the planet?

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William Sutcliffe author

William Sutcliffe is the author of twelve novels, including the international bestseller Are You Experienced? and The Wall, which was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. He has written for adults, young adults and children, and has been translated into twenty-eight languages. His 2008 novel Whatever Makes You Happy is now a Netflix Original film starring Patricia Arquette, Felicity Huffman and Angela Bassett. It was released in August 2019 under the title Otherhood. His latest novel, The Gifted, The Talented and Me, was described by The Times as ‘dangerously funny’ and by the Guardian as ‘refreshingly hilarious’.

Book Review

I learnt a lot from this book about climate change and the protesters who want to stop it.

This was a very interesting book that captivated me immediately! I did not think I was going to like this book because I thought it would just be another book about climate change filled with facts presented in a boring way, but I was wrong. This book was actually a fictional story with loads of interesting facts mixed in and I learnt a lot from this book about climate change and the protesters who want to stop it.

Luke, the main character, is Rose’s sister and she has recently moved across the road into the commune with all of the protesters. But when Luke’s dad moves into the commune and his mum … Luke is stuck in the middle. With his mum and dad on different sides of the road what side will Luke choose?

My favourite character was Skye. Skye’s mum was one of the biggest people in the commune and Skye was the only child who lived in the commune full time. The reason she was my favourite character was because she had no idea how to fit in with society because she had never been to school or made any friends. When she met Luke he reluctantly became her friend and gave her lessons on how to be normal, this was such an epic fail it made it my favourite part of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys learning about climate change and the things each individual person can do to play their part in stopping climate change. Actually any reader aged 11-16 year should read this funny, easy-to-read, action packed book. It great!

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