Kid’s Book Review: The Tale of Truthwater Lake

Kid’s Book Review: The Tale of Truthwater Lake

About the Book and Author

From one of our favourite writers of middle grade historical fiction for readers aged 9-12 years this book by Emma Carroll is actually set mostly in the future – 2032. But the story takes the reader back to 1952 too.

The hardback edition with its gold-foiled lettering on the dust jacket is a thing of beauty. The turquoise inside leaves have a watery, pond-weedy design and the front cover has a nostalgic 50s-style illustration of a girl swimming underwater.

Although the paperback edition will be published later this year we recommend you invest in the hardback as has the feel of a future classic and you’ll own a first edition!



The Tale of Truthwater Lake cover
Emma Carroll author

Emma Carroll was a secondary school English teacher for many years. he has also written the highly-acclaimed Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked on Air, In Darkling Wood, The Snow Sister, Strange Star, Letters from the Lighthouse, The Week at World’s End and Secrets of a Sun King.

Book Review

it is a gripping and exciting story with a powerful message

The Tale of Truthwater Lake by Emma Carroll is a fantastic book set in 2032, when the effects of climate change have become undeniable. Parts of the book are also set in 1952, just as the aftermath of World War II is disappearing. The story follows Polly, a girl from 21st century Brighton, and Nellie, a girl from 20th century Syndercombe (a small village in the countryside). While Polly has many problems in her own life, she is transported back in time to 1952 while swimming in a lake and encounters Nellie, who also has her own problems.

Emma Carroll creates an effect that makes the book unputdownable by leaving each era on a cliff-hanger, making the story even more mesmerising. Every few chapters switch between the two time periods, keeping the reader engaged. The story also teaches the reader about the potential consequences of not addressing climate change, which are similar to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it provides insight into life in the 1950s and the experience of swimming across the English Channel.

Overall, it is a gripping and exciting story with a powerful message, as well as a thrilling storyline. I would recommend it to anyone aged 9 and up because it is a super and captivating book that is also informative and interesting.


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