Kid’s Book Review: The Terracotta Horse

Kid’s Book Review: The Terracotta Horse

About the Book and Authors

Sara, Sanjeev and Salma are transported back in time to Xi’an, during a perilous trial pitting their wits against a formidable and violent foe who has escaped from his thousand-year imprisonment and is bent on revenge.  Chan, is a wealthy gang leader who has kidnapped world-famous geneticist Lin Dan and assembled fragments of an ancient magic. Chan will stop at nothing to fulfil his dream of immorality, even if it means releasing forces far beyond his control. The Three Hares must work together to defeat Chan and the power that controls him , or else…

Teen readers who enjoy reading fantasy quest stories with an exotic historical setting will love the The Three Hares trilogy by authors Scott Lauder and David Ross. Our 14 year old reviewer enjoyed reading the first two books in the series and has been looking forward to reading the concluding title. Our thanks to Neem Tree Press for sending us a copy of The Terracotta Horse for Jacob to read and review.



Scott Lauder

Scott Lauder was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. Having taught in Greece, Japan, and England, he now lives with his wife and four cats in the UAE where he teaches English. His other books include The Right Thing, A Single Shot, and The Boy-King Tutankhamun.

David Scott Ross has traveled and taught throughout Asia since he first moved there in 1987. He currently teaches in upstate NY, United States. At present, he is wrapping up two projects: Pastimes, encounters with a Stone Age people, and Dim, a detective novel.

Book Review

If you are a history lover, this story is most certainly for you!

Having read ‘The Jade Dragonball’ and ‘The Gold Monkey Key’ I was incredibly excited to be asked to read the third book in this trilogy called ‘The Terracotta Horse’. Due to my real interest in History this historical fantasy quest series really appealed to me, and I loved finding out more about Ancient China, as well as the Saxons and the Vikings in this final instalment.

This final story did not disappoint. The main teenage character, Salma, is transported back in time a thousand years when she visits the British museum, to the Battle of Maldon between the Saxons and the Vikings. On her return from this time slip she meets Sara and Sanjeev, who have also experienced this time travel and together they are transported to Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, where they come across Chan, a gang leader, who strives for immortality and will stop at nothing to succeed at his goal. Together the Three Hares, Salma, Sara and Sanjeev must work together to defeat Chan.

I loved the way this story weaves between the past and the present and also the development of the relationship between the three protagonists and their drive to work together to save the world. The story is fast-paced and action packed and made it hard to put it down, so I read the book in several sittings!

I also loved that the book was part of a trilogy. This meant that the characters and plot developed over the three stories immersing you in different periods of history.

If you are a history lover, this story is most certainly for you!



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  • Name: Jacob
  • Age: 14 years
  • Likes: sport, history and holidays
  • Dislikes: early mornings and onions
  • Favourite Book: Scythe By Neil Shusterman
  • Favourite Song: Feel Good Inc. by Gorrilaz
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars