Kid’s Book Review: The Treasure Hunt

Kid’s Book Review: The Treasure Hunt

About the Book and Author

Discover a message in a bottle that appears to be from the ghost of Captain William Kidd – the infamous pirate and now, it would seem, thief!

Follow a breadcrumb trail of intriguing clues left by the treasure-hungry thief as he travels the world attempting to steal great historic artefacts, paintings, gold and more. The Treasure Hunt takes you on an epic adventure, where you will find out how to decipher tricky codes and uncover heart-stopping accounts of how famous treasures were lost, found or stolen!

Crack the codes to turn the page and travel from country to country. But be warned – some treasures may never be found …

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe is a trained journalist turned children’s author, who writes stunning non-fiction and picture books. Originally from Australia, Leisa’s childhood has inspired her love for the natural world and its strange and wonderful creatures.

Gordy Wright is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and picture book maker from the UK.

Book Review

Definitely a good choice if you like books about solving mysteries

Evan and Mum’s review

A fantastic book for all ages. I read it with my 5 year old, he absolutely loved it. He loved reading about pirates and the real stories around treasure.’Can we find Blackbeards booty?’
Evan really got into the story as we went through and although the puzzles themselves were a bit to hard for him he still enjoyed trying. He liked the illustrations and this is definitely a book we will be exploring again and again as he gets older.

Then my 12 year old son nabbed it to read!

Ryan’s review

This was a brilliant mix of facts and stories and I liked the challenge of the clues and puzzles. Definitely a good choice if you like books about solving mysteries.

I enjoyed being a detective throughout the story and it made learning about history fun and enjoyable, I would definitely read more history books that were set out like this.
This would be a good book to use in class as the puzzles make it perfect to explore bit by bit in each class and it would keep me interested waiting for next week’s puzzle.
My favourite section was the Tsar’s Treasure. I liked the illustrations but the age of the main characters may make some older children think this book isn’t for them, which would be a shame because it is very good.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Ryan
  • Age: 12 years
  • Likes: Lego, Dragonball Z and reading
  • Dislikes: Being woken up and losing on computer games!
  • Favourite Book: Tom Gates: Dog Zombie Rules by Liz Pichon
  • Favourite Song: The Final Countdown by Queen
  • Favourite Film: Dragonball Z: Super Battle of the Gods