Kid’s Book Review: The Way to Impossible Island

Kid’s Book Review: The Way to Impossible Island

About the Book and Author

This is an adventure story about friendship and over-coming obstacles with determination by Sophie Kirtley, author of  The Wild Way Home. Both titles are published by Bloomsbury.

Born with a serious heart condition, Dara has been waiting for his Big Operation forever, and this summer it’s finally going to happen. The moment his heart is fixed he’ll row out to the island in the bay all by himself just like he’s always dreamed. But when his op is postponed, Dara snaps. And then he finds a girl hiding in the boat shed who wears animal skins and has a real live pet wolf.  Could Mothgirl really be from the Stone Age?  As Dara and Mothgirl set out on a wild, windswept sea journey Dara begins to realise that when you stop worrying about what’s impossible, you can do anything

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Sophie Kirtley

Sophie Kirtley was born in Northern Ireland and has always loved stories. She taught English in secondary schools for many years and has worked in a theatre, a bookshop and a tiny pub where folk tell fairytales by candlelight. She firmly believes that stories are everywhere and is delighted that her first book, The Wild Way Home, was chosen to be Waterstones’ Children’s Book of the Month for July 2020. You can read our review of it here.

Find out more about the author on her website.

Book Review

It made me feel a large range of emotions such as being scared, sad and excited

This book drew me in as it looked like an adventure novel (my favourite) and of course it was, hence the name. I’ve never heard of the author which goes to show that trying new writers is good as although this story had a slow start it was definitely worth reading.

For me the best character was Dara as he shows that if you have a health issue (in his case, a heart problem) if you are determined you can always push on. Of course you can’t forget his brave nature, but there were other good characters as well including Mothgirl and Bymyside.

The story is set in a few places, however, the main one is Lathrin island. I’d say it’s set in the present day however, there is a character from the Stone Age in it.

It made me feel a large range of emotions such as being scared, sad and excited.

So, basically what happens is there is was a boy who had a dream of  taking himself to Lathrin Island after his big op. He meets a girl who needs to get to the island too to find her long lost brother, so they go together.

I would recommend this book to adventure fans and people who are interested in Legends and history. Altogether I’d give this a ‘Do Read’ and rate it  8 out of 10. If you don’t read this you’re missing out!

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  • Name: Danny
  • Age: 10 years
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