Kid’s Book Review: The Wolf Road

Kid’s Book Review: The Wolf Road

About the Book and Author

Tuuli is a prehistoric girl, travelling with her tribe through the seasons – making camp, hunting for food and protecting themselves against the many hazards that the climate throws at them.

Tuuli knows there’s a bigger world out there, and when she spots a strange boy lurking outside their camp, she realises that he might hold the adventure she is looking for.

He is from another tribe, sent to find safer ground and as he and Tuuli strike up an unlikely friendship, they set out on a journey that will impact the rest of human history.

Alice Roberts is an academic, writer and broadcaster who’s  interested in the structure of humans, how we function, and our place in the wider environment. The Wolf Road is her first book for children. To find out more please visit her website.

Book Review

The chapter called The Lone Wolf got my heart racing! Tuuli has just fallen into the river and she was basically being pulled in two directions

This book is the story of a pre-historic talo (a small tribe of connected families) called The Swans and their annual journey across the land. Tuuli, a young girl of 12 winters, is the main character and the story is told through her perspective.

I thought it was super helpful that at the beginning of the book there was a list of all of the members of The Swans, because sometimes it was hard to place who was who. I also liked the map; it shows where important parts of the journey take place and I enjoyed tracking along with it.

I really liked when Tuuli found Lupa, the wolf, and everyone told her that she wouldn’t be able to tame her but she did. Another part I liked was when they were traying to teach Andar some of their language and he could only really master their names and “friend” but nearer to the end he manages to master some more complicated words.

Surprisingly, my favourite character wasn’t Tuuli- it was Wren! I liked her more because if I lived in prehistoric times she’s the character I think I would most likely be like. I also liked Wren’s little brother, Kuba, because during a later part of the book he helps Andar communicate and I laughed out loud at some of their conversations.

The chapter called The Lone Wolf got my heart racing! Tuuli has just fallen into the river and she was basically being pulled in two directions. Thankfully, Andar was there and he helped her out BUT she was scared of him because he looked different than anybody she had seen before. He mimes that he will help her and take her back to her talo and then they become friends. It was so intense!

The illustrations by Keith Robinson are beautiful, I love that they are all really realistic and really helped me place what was happening in the story.




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