Kid’s Book Review: There’s A Gorilla at the Door

Kid’s Book Review: There’s A Gorilla at the Door

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Daphne’s mum and stepdad, Anthony, are throwing a family party. It’s going to be SO BORING! But when a gorilla knocks on the door, a rhino rolls in and a kangaroo pops up, Daphne realises that this party is going to get . . . WILD!

In Daphne’s big animal family, everyone is different. But they all love to dance to the same beat.

Clare Helen Welsh is a former primary school teacher, turned children’s writer, and is a passionate advocate for mental health. She is delighted that her books mean she can continue to inspire children to love language, themselves and the world around them. Clare teaches picture book writing for WriteMentor and City Lit, and enjoys inspiring writers to achieve their dreams.

Sam Caldwell is an illustrator who loves inventing characters and creating images packed full of detail, texture and colour. He is passionate about animals and nature, and – when not drawing – can often be found exploring the Scottish Highlands.

Book Review

The Gorilla looks friendly and smart - she's got glasses

His mum tells us that Evan got excited as soon as he saw the cover and immediately began playing ‘Gorilla at the Door’ through our letterbox. He commented on the pictures saying the Gorilla looked friendly and smart. He also said ‘The rhino is on roller skates. Cool!’

Evan absolutely loved this book, the illustrations really brought it alive for him and he loved acting out each animal as it arrived. He was able to read it independently as well as enjoying being read to. The words were simple and many were very fun to say so he actively enjoyed reading it again and again. Evan enjoyed saying ‘slurp’ and ‘boogie’.

This was a brilliant picture/ first reader book and definitely a new favourite, although not for bedtime as Evan loves acting it out.
This book would be perfect for nursery or schools linking reading and movement.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Evan
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: Mr Bean, dancing and riding my scooter
  • Dislikes: onions and bedtime
  • Favourite TV Show: Mr Bean
  • Favourite Book: Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton