Kid’s Book Review: Time Travellers

Kid’s Book Review: Time Travellers

About the Book and Author

Suhana, Mia and Ayaan are thrown together on a trip to Parliament, where they are fascinated by all the history that happened there. Little do they suspect that they’ll be LIVING that history when they are transported back to 1911!

Finding themselves in the middle of a women’s suffrage demonstration, they are amazed to see people from all over the world taking part. Suhana wants to explore but Mia and Ayaan are anxious to get back. Then they lose each other… Will they be able to return to the present without changing the course of history forever?

Sufiya Ahmed

Sufiya Ahmed worked in advertising and in the House of Commons before becoming a full-time author. In 2010 she set up the BIBI Foundation, which arranges visits to the Houses of Parliament for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Sufiya has written several children’s books including My Story: Noor-Un-Nissa Inayat Khan, Secrets of the Henna Girl and Under the Great Plum Tree which was longlisted for the UK Literacy Association Book Awards.

Book Review

I think that this is a brilliant book and I learnt a lot about the suffragettes and suffragists

I really like the way Suhana’s character is written and how she wants to explore 1911, unfazed by the concept of time travel. Ayaan is such a good friend to Mia but doesn’t hesitate to comfort Suhana.
I love how Suhana, Mia and Ayaan’s friendship moulds over the journey. It’s so sweet how Suhana encourages Reena to look for her ma-sa as she has the opportunity. Reena is so welcoming and quick to help strangers in need.

Suhana is very knowledgeable of the suffragette movement. When she returns to the present she isn’t afraid to point out everyone that tried to get women the vote both the suffragettes and the suffragists.
I think that this is a brilliant book and I learnt a lot about the suffragettes and suffragists.

I would recommend this book for 8 to 12 year old and readers who like history and sci-fi.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Anyanka
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: Cats, books and dancing
  • Dislikes: Dogs and football
  • Favourite Book: The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson
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