Kid’s Book Review: Tinsel

Kid’s Book Review: Tinsel

About the Book and Author

Funny, feminist and with a huge heart, it’s a glorious Christmas adventure that will delight even the biggest Grinch!

From Sibéal Pounder, bestselling author of the Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series, this tale of friendship and mince-pie feasts is the perfect Christmas book for a reader aged 7-11 years and this lovely hardback edition even has a sparkly cover!  It is published by Bloomsbury

What if somewhere along the way we’ve all got the Santa story a bit wrong…?

Join Blanche Claus and her best friend Rinki for a funny festive sleigh ride you’ll never forget!

Check out 10 year old Esme’s review below. She read it in one sitting because she enjoyed the story it so much. Now that’s what we call #readingforpleasure

Tinsel cover
Sibeal Pounder author

Sibéal Pounder is the author of the bestselling Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series of books.

Her debut, Witch Wars, was shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches was a 2019 World Book Day title and a Sunday Times bestseller and has been optioned by Sony Animation. She has also written Beyond Platform 13, a sequel to Eva Ibbotson’s The Secret of Platform 13, and her latest book Tinsel is all about a young girl called Blanche Claus and asks the question: what if a long time ago we all got the Santa story a bit wrong?

Previously Sibéal worked as a journalist, writing for publications including the Guardian and Vogue Online and was a philanthropy columnist for the Financial Times. You can find out more on her very groovy website 


Book Review

I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK! I just couldn’t put it down... and it is a great book for girls

I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK! I just couldn’t put it down! In fact I finished it the same day I started it, that is how good it is!!!!

I just felt I was there, watching it happen, that is how AMAZING it is. It is set over 100 years ago. I loved this book, because it was so funny, and magical.

I feel it is a great book for girls, for many reasons, one of these reasons is that, it shows that girls can do things and not be in the background and be the one who is in the middle of it all and can make their dreams come true. It also gives girls a lot of confidence and not just girls, but ANYONE would feel more confident and uplifted after reading that book. As it was set over 100 years ago, it is really powerful, as in that time girls couldn’t always do the things that they wanted to do but it shows that ‘GIRL POWER!’ does sort of exist.

The main characters are: Blanche Claus, Rinki, Mr Krampus, Santa, The Carols, Rudy the horse and other characters too! My favourite was Blanche and she is the main character and is the one who today people call Santa Claus, I think she is amazing and has inspired me to be whoever I feel like I can be. She is the girl who made Christmas magical. I also know that Santa is the chef and Blanche is the Christmas miracle.

The book is about Blanche Claus, Rinki, Mr Krampus, Santa, The Carols, Rudy the horse and others, and how Christmas went from a dream to reality! Blanche and Rinki and Santa are orphans and Blanche gets given a magical bauble with a magical image in it, she finds Rudy (her pet horse) and Rinki, then they have a mince pie picnic, and become friends for life. She (Blanche) becomes a horse and cart driver and then goes on to meet the carols and make Christmas magical. I guess you’d have to read the book to understand better.

So I’d give this book A……….. 5 STAR REVIEW! It is one of the best books I have ever read!!!!

Sibeal Pounder is one of the most AWSOME authors (in my opinion) of all time!! I know I won’t be disappointed by her wonderful books so I am reading Witch Wars now

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Reviewer Profile

Junior Reviewer Esme
  • Name: Esme
  • Age: 10 years
  • Likes: reading, dancing and baking
  • Dislikes: rugby and maths
  • Favourite Book: Malory Towers by Enid Blyton
  • Favourite Film: The Sound of Music
  • Favourite Song: I'm Still Standing by Elton John