Kid’s Book Review: Torn Apart

Kid’s Book Review: Torn Apart

About the Book and Author

This is a thrilling and moving account of the largest movement of people in history, telling both sides of the story through the voices of two young boys whose friendship was tested in 1947, amidst the Partition (when India and Pakistan were formed).

Our young reviewer believes everyone should read this book to understand more about this dramatic, but relatively recent historical event that effected the families of so many people now living in the United Kingdom. Scroll down to read a genuine kid’s review of this story told by Swapna Haddow and published by Scholastic.

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Swapna Haddow

Swapna Haddow is an award-winning children’s author who has written a lot of books, including the Dave Pigeon series. She now lives in New Zealand. You can find out more by visiting her website.

Book Review

I think people should make time to read it as it will teach them some very important lessons through its sad reality that took place in our recent history

Torn Apart – The Partition of India, 1947 is a great book which has taught me a lot about the historic conflict between India and Pakistan. Prior to reading this book I had no knowledge about the partition of India as we hadn’t been taught about it in school. It is an important part of history that now I know more about, I think everyone should know and learn about.

The book consists of a thrilling adventure of two kids on a mission to survive in Delhi. The two boys both have their differences but are united through a new friendship. They both need each other in different ways. I can’t tell you more without ruining the story.
It made me realise how much hardship children had to endure in recent history and still do in different parts of the world. It is unfair that it is chance that you are born into a life of luxury or a life of poverty. It makes me feel very lucky.

I really liked the concept of how the book presents the perspective of both the main characters. You see things from both points of view as the chapters take it in turns to be written from each character’s view. This helps you to put yourself in the characters shoes and understand the personal struggles they both go through.

To conclude, I think people should make time to read it as it will teach them some very important lessons through its sad reality that took place in our recent history. So, if you get chance, sit down and read through two boy’s stories of the horror that took place during the partition of India.

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