Kid’s Book Review: Turtle Rescue

Kid’s Book Review: Turtle Rescue

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Join Flora and Fauna, the world’s GREATEST explorers, as they hang up their ice picks, put down their rucksacks and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. When the sea turtles stop showing up to lay their eggs in the golden sands, however, Flora and Fauna are called into action. They must sail to the reef to investigate, but it looks like an ENORMOUS storm is brewing…

With flaps and paper effects throughout, who knows what WILD creatures they’ll find along the way.

We admire everything about this book (as well as the important message about the flight of turtles in increasingly warm waters) the friendship between the children, the sense of adventure, the stunning illustrations and the creative design and layout. From cover to cover this book has been created with loving attention to every detail making you want to read it over and again and spot something new each time.

Congratuations to the team at Little Tiger!

Jonny Marx lives in London, where he works as a children’s book editor and author. From a compendium of mythical monsters and a chronology of prehistoric creatures, to books about crime capers, lost unicorns, incredible human beings and humankind, Jonny has worked on more than 60 titles (and counting!)

Xuan Le was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She studied fashion design and graphic design and has many years of experience working on children’s books and magazines for local and foreign publishers. Her creative inspiration comes from a lot of things in life, especially the colours and structures in nature. She also likes to make miniature paper craft, short animation and learn about music production.


Book Review

The reef sharks were awesome

Noah – I really loved this book. I particularly liked how the story also included lots of facts on each page so I could read a story and learn about plastic in the Ocean. My favourite parts were learning about the different types of sea creatures in the ocean. The reef sharks were awesome. The illustrations were really interesting, bright and colourful, they helped me imagine being in the story myself.

Mum & Dad – Noah really engaged with this book. He loves pictures, stories and factual information. This book ticked all those boxes so Noah was engaged from start to finish. Noah learnt lots of interesting facts about turtles and other sea creatures. He has remembered these facts as the weeks have passed. Learning about pollution in the ocean, in a fun way, will help children to understand the impact of littering on beaches. The illustrations were particularly engaging and having different ways to interact with each page made the book even more interesting.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Noah
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: Reading, construction and biking
  • Dislikes: loud noises and being woken up
  • Favourite Book: Too hard to choose!
  • Favourite Song: You're Welcome by Dwayne Johnson
  • Favourite Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog