Kid’s Book Review: Two Sisters – A Story of Freedom

Kid’s Book Review: Two Sisters – A Story of Freedom

About the Book and Author

In this heart-stopping adventure based on real historical events, Kereen Getten takes readers on a journey of sisterhood, struggle and survival from Jamaica to Britain.

The book is published by Scholastic as part of its Voices series. Here is a link to the author answering questions about writing this book posted on the publisher’s  blog.

Ruth has always known her half-sister isn’t like her – her almost-white skin means she is allowed certain things that Ruth can only dream of.

When Ruth and Anna are shipped off to Master John’s home in Georgian London for their safety, it isn’t the haven they imagined. Their differences force them apart – Anna is allowed to stay upstairs while Ruth is banished to the servants’ quarters and is forced to work.
Will Anna find the courage to stand up for Ruth before it’s too late?


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Kareen Getten

Kereen Getten grew up in Jamaica but now lives in the UK with her family. She has previously written short stories for multiple publications including Notts Review and Adhoc Fiction. She was nominated for Best Short Fiction 2018 and highly commended for the FAB prize. When not writing you can find her out in nature, planning her next travel adventure, or watching Netflix.

Kareen’s debut novel When Life Gives you Mangoes was reviewed by one of our panel last year.

Book Review

My favourite part of the book is when they go to the tavern, because they feel free there when surrounded by people like them

Two girls who live on a plantation are sisters called Anna and Ruth. One day Walter, the overseer, threatened to sell them so their father took them to England where they thought they would be safe. They stay with their father’s sister who seems like a nice woman. What will happen in England and will the two sisters stay safe or suffer the consequences….

This is a beautiful story of two sisters and their adventures in England. I love how Ruth stood up to people and Anna was the opposite until the end where they switched places and Ruth was scared and Anna was brave.

It reminded me of all the hard times Black people have had. It is not a true story I don’t think, but it might be what some people went through. It was an adventurous story with twists and turns it had sad and happy parts. Anna is my favourite character because of how brave she is at the end and how she stands up for Ruth.

My favourite part of the book is when they go to the tavern, because they feel free there when surrounded by people like them. I would recommend this book to children 9-16 years because it is a bit scary at some points and discusses issues of race.

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