Kid’s Book Review: Uki and the Ghostburrow

Kid’s Book Review: Uki and the Ghostburrow

About the Book and Author

From the fantasy author Kieran Larwood this is the sixth adventure set in the world of Podkin One-Ear. All the titles in the Five Realm series are published by Faber and illustrated by David Wyatt.

After capturing Charice, there is only one spirit left for Uki to find: Mortix, the most dangerous of all. With his friends Jori, Cole and Kree, Uki heads to Eisenfell – the greatest city in Hulstland – only to find that Mortix has taken control of Emperor Ash and is plotting to conquer the whole Five Realms with her terrifying army. Uki must dodge the Endwatch, the Shrikes, Clan Septys and the guards and find a way to complete his quest before all is lost.

If you are not yet familiar with the adventures of the Five Realms here is a kid’s review of the fifth title in the series Uki and the Swampspirit.

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Kieran Larwood

Kieran Larwood has loved fantasy stories since reading The Hobbit. He used to work as a teacher and but he now writes full-time although, if anybody was watching, they might think he just daydreams a lot!

David Wyatt’s first professional work appeared in British comic 2000AD, illustrating a strip for Neil Gaiman. Since then he has focused on Children’s books, working with authors including Philip Pullman, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Geraldine McCaughrean and Philip Reeve. He lives on Dartmoor where the ancient landscape provides much inspiration for his particular brand of mythic art.

Book Review

I think it is the perfect finale

I am a massive Kieran Larwood fan and have read all of his books that he has written so far. Uki and the Ghostburrow is the sixth book in the series called The Five Realms. The best way to sum up the whole of the Five Realms series is that it is like The Lord of the Rings but with rabbits!

The first three books are about Podkin One Ear and it’s good if you read those books before the Uki books. Ghostburrow is the last of the three books about Uki. I think it is the perfect finale though I won’t give too much away.

If you haven’t read the Five Realms series so far, it does luckily give a short description of what happened in the first two Uki books at the start but I can tell you that Uki is a special rabbit who has been given the power to live again even after he dies. He is currently on a journey to capture evil spirits and encase them in crystals. At the start of this book he has captured two of the spirits. Ghostburrow is about his quest to try and capture the last and worst of the spirits – the spirit of death.

I think Ghostburrow had some good characters such as Jori, Coal and Zarza. I liked these three characters because they are all so different from each other. They are all rabbits but they all have different personalities, different religions and different ways of dealing with problems, just like any human character.

My favourite character overall in the book is Necripha. She is pretty much the main baddie of every Uki book and is always trying to stop Uki. She always thinks a lot of herself even though she often fails which is generally quite funny yet she’s still intimidating.

The plot has quite a fast pace which is uplifting, heartwarming and downright scary at the same time. It has a lot of tense moments when you think Uki is about to die. I won’t say if he survives or not. That would be telling.

I would say this book is aimed at ages eight to twelve years, but younger children would probably enjoy having it read to them. I have a friend who is much younger than me but he loves his mum reading the Five Realms books to him and she loves them too! If you have liked books such as Thomas Taylor’s Malamander series or The Hobbit you would like Uki and the Ghostburrow. You might think it’s an animal type book but it’s really a fantasy book. The fact that the characters are all rabbits doesn’t have that much effect. You mostly forget they are rabbits (but sometimes you just forget you’re human and think you’re a rabbit too!).

If you get this book and like it you should check out Kieran Larwood’s website because he puts up loads of cool activities like card games to make, map drawing and other games and drawing things to do with the Five Realms.

I was sad when I finished this book. I didn’t want to read the last chapter so it would last longer but I had to write this review as quickly as possible so now I’m hoping there will be more Five Realms books out soon.

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