Kid’s Book Review: Ukraine Remember Also Me

Kid’s Book Review: Ukraine Remember Also Me

About the Book and Author / Illustrator

Multi-award winning reportage artist George Butler allows us a glimpse of 24 true personal accounts from the Ukraine through his sensitive storytelling and meticulous handiwork.

While reporting on the war in Ukraine, George created striking and intimate illustrations to introduce us to the people behind the headlines. His drawings, made in a variety of places, from people and animals in underground shelters in the Kharkiv metro, to hospitals and bombed out streets and homes, vividly capture stories of family, tragedy and perseverance.

Published by Walker Books, with a foreword written by journalist and military historian Max Hastings, this fine collection is definitely a book of our time and a salient reminder that conflict affects real people and not statistics.

George Butler artist

George Butler is an award-winning illustrator but has reinvented the role of the Artist Reporter drawing conflict zones, climate issues, humanitarian crisis and social issues for the news. His drawings are done in situ – in pen, ink and watercolour.

George’s recent trip to Ukraine, supported by the Pultizer Centre, was published in the Observer, on the BBC and in SZ Magazin in Germany, as well as VQR in the USA. It described life in the Metro Stations, the hospital wards and tragically the mass graves scenes that flooded our frontpages. This work won Best Illustrated Story at the ASME Awards (USA) in 2023.

Book Review

I get it when siblings fight but we should not live our lives in fear and insecurity

It was really inspiring learning about people’s testimonies. It gave me a really big insight into how some peoples’ lives changed from this terrible war. I found it heartbreaking how they had to be put in such a hard time and all the bad things that happened to their relatives. The quotes that were chosen are so powerful and help me realise what these people  have been through and how difficult it is to live in such a dangerous, harmful and broken place. All of their lives have changed so much due to this war. It is a really emotional book.

I think this book is for 11 and over, as it has a lot of meaning and power to it. Also as it was very emotional for all those people who have to live through this. This is not the way to live life. Fighting is not the answer to what you want. It is not right and we should not live our lives like this – in war. I get it when siblings fight but we should not live our lives in fear and insecurity.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Chloe
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: Swimming, maths and being kind to others
  • Dislikes: sprouts and unkindness
  • Favourite Book: Into the Volcano by Jess Butterworth
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