Kid’s Book Review: Unseen Jungle

Kid’s Book Review: Unseen Jungle

About the Book and Author

Microbes are everywhere: outside, indoors, on your body, in your body. In fact, microbial cells outnumber your human cells three to one. Whether helping people digest their food or using mind-control techniques to lure mice into the path of hungry cats (no, really), microbes form an unseen jungle all around us.

Through zany facts, hilarious and sometimes disgusting illustrations, and interviews with experts in their fields, aspiring young scientists (or kids who just want to be grossed out) will discover a hidden world in which your health depends on a myriad of microbes, houseflies get zombified by fungi, and termites are saving the planet one fart at a time.


Eleanor Spicer Rice

Eleanor Spicer Rice studied the intricate and fascinating interactions between ant species at NC State University, where she earned her Ph.D. in entomology. Through her writing, she shares the joy and wonder she finds in the natural world with others. She believes that when people notice the natural world, they can’t help but fall in love with it, and if they fall in love with it, they will want to take care of it. To find out more about Eleanor’s work please visit her website.

Rob Wilson created the fantastic illustrations for Unseen Jungle, published by Walker Books.

Book Review

This is a very interesting book that is written in a way that makes learning about microbes and bacteria relevant to real life

This is a very interesting book that is written in a way that makes learning about microbes and bacteria relevant to real life, not just something boring to learn about at school.

Although it is scientific it is still easy to read without too many complicated words, it does assume a certain level of knowledge so I think it is perfect for ages 10+.

The illustrations are fun and bright, however the coloured pages made some of the illustrations hard for me to see as I am coloured blind, so that is something that might need to be considered by the publishers to help the book to be fully accessible to everyone.

I learnt lots from this and I would definitely read other non-fiction books done in this style.

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