Kid’s Book Review: Wake Up Trucks!

Kid’s Book Review: Wake Up Trucks!

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

This board book is a rhyming story by Jodie Parachini with bold and unique illustrations from Teresa Bellón. It explores the daily life of trucks.

Wake up, trucks! Let’s rise and shine.
Honk your horns – it’s trucking time!

Follow the trusty truck crew as they go about their everyday routine: from what they eat for breakfast (definitely NOT eggs and bacon – yuck!) to digging pits and rolling roads. Hold on to your hard hats – it’s going to be a busy day!

Jodie Parachini

Jodie Parachini is the author of twenty books for children. She is originally from New England but now lives in (the original) England, with her family, along with Lucky the cat and Sammy the dog

Teresa Bellón was born in Albacete, Spain in 1987. After completing an illustration course in Madrid, she began working for national and international clients and has had several exhibitions of her art.


Book Review

Zaki has been using some of the language from the book in his own play

Zaki was immediately drawn to the bright colourful front cover of this book and was excited that it was about trucks and construction, two of his favourite topics! He excitedly turned the pages and carefully studied the detail in the pictures commenting on them throughout which resulted in lots of talk about trucks, cement mixers, traffic cones, wheel barrows and cranes!

Zaki got this book off his shelf many times in the first few days and looked at it by himself as well as with us. As he became more familiar with the text, he enjoyed joining in. When asked about his favourite part of the book, Zaki pointed to the picture of a truck wearing head phones and smiled! Zaki has been using some of the language from the book in his own play with his trucks such as ‘Wake up, trucks’.

The length of the book was just right for Zaki’s concentration level. This is now one of Zaki’s favourite books on his shelf that he regularly requests at bedtime.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Zaki
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: Swimming, Spiderman and banana pancakes
  • Dislikes: Bedtime
  • Favourite Movie: Minions
  • Favourite Song: Sleeping Bunnies
  • Favourite Book: Peace at Last by Jill Murphy