Kid’s Book Review: Ways to Grow Love

Kid’s Book Review: Ways to Grow Love

About the Book and Author

Award-winning author Renee Watson continues her charming series for children aged 7-11 years starring the big-hearted character Ryan Hart. With black and white illustrations by Mechal Roe, it is published in the UK by Bloomsbury. You can read our kid’s review of the first title in the series Ways to Make Sunshine here:

Ryan Hart and her family are back in another installment of stories about a Black girl finding her way and her voice as she grows through change and challenges. In this book, Ryan finds herself waiting on lots of things — like for her new sister to be born healthy, for her new recipes to turn out right, for that summer camp trip to go better than she fears! And of course Ryan is facing these new challenges and new experiences in her classic style — with a bright outlook and plenty of spirit!

Ways to Grow Love
Renee Watson

Renée Watson is the Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Author Award-winning author of the novels Piecing Me Together, This Side of Home, What Momma Left Me, Betty Before X, co-written with Ilyasah Shabazz, and two picture books: Harlem’s Little Blackbird and A Place Where Hurricanes Happen.

Renée is the founder of I, Too Arts Collective, a non-profit committed to nurturing underrepresented voices in the creative arts. She lives in New York City.

Book Review

My favourite part has to be at the end when only Ryan is able to put her little sister to sleep

In a place called Portland, there is an independent, selfless and cheeky girl called Ryan Hart. Ryan lives with her Mom, Dad, Brother Ray and soon to be baby sister. Ryan is a bit mad at her baby sister since all their summer plans have been diverted because of their Mom being pregnant. After only being able to go on 5 rides at the Oaks park, Ryan starts to think that things won’t be going to plan for quite a while. But at least Ryan, Kiki and Amanda will all go to the church camp together and hang out. That is exciting! (Even though Ray and his friends have been making up scary stories about camp) Just the 3 of them…. right? Will Ryan and her family be alright during the summer, or will they have a bit of a tough and rough ride?

I really like this book because its all about family and friends. How to look out and take care of one other. It’s a very funny book too because they do a lot of cheeky things. My favourite character is Ryan because she is a good friend, daughter and sister. She helps out a lot and is always there for her family friends or just people on the streets. My favourite part has to be at the end when only Ryan is able to put her little sister to sleep.

This book is just as good as the first one Ways To Make Sunshine, and I recommend that book too. I recommend this book to people who like reading about friendship and family. Maybe people between 7-12 years because there are quite a lot of words to read.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

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