Kid’s Book Review: What if My Snot Glowed in the Dark?

Kid’s Book Review: What if My Snot Glowed in the Dark?

About the Book and Author and Illustrator

Everybody pees, poos and pukes, and everyone has icky skin and smells horrible. But have you ever wondered what would happen if your burps could power a hot air balloon?

Or, what if your farts smelled like roses? Well, you could grow a fart garden, or start a range of perfumes inspired by your farts.

With plenty hilarious, yucky facts to discover about the stuff that comes out of you, human biology has never been so funny (or grotesque!)

Lee Cosgrove

John Bottomley is a fan of all things gross who loves to make children laugh. When he’s not writing, you can find him playing Operation or watching Casualty.

Lee Cosgrove is a children’s illustrator and lifelong doodler. Working as a full time illustrator for the last 10 years Lee has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects from illustrating picture books, to board games, to billboards. He loves to bring humour and lots of character to his illustrations.

Book Review

Now I can tell my friends lots of gross facts about anything that comes out of the human body!

This book is great! I’m learning about the human body at school and I can tell my friends and teacher lots of gross facts about anything that comes out of the human body.

It tells you some cool facts about each gross thing and then imagines if they were a bit different (like pink poo) and if that would make them any better!

My favourite is that you can’t burp in space as you need gravity so if I’m an astronaut in the future I won’t be drinking anything fizzy!

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