Kid’s Book Review: What the Worm Saw

Kid’s Book Review: What the Worm Saw

About the Book, Author and Illustrator

Meet Earthworm – pink, wriggly and busy helping everyone’s gardens grow.

In this charming story with lovely illustration you will join one very special worm to discover the important role earthworms play in nature and how they help our wildlife thrive.

Emil Fortune is a writer and editor who lives and works in London.

Hannah Peck is an author, illustrator and educator based in London. Storytelling is essential to her practise, and as such she’s enjoyed working in children’s publishing for over nine years for a number of publishers.

Book Review

the poop part was funny and when he said you can't tell the difference between my face and my bottom!

The book was about a worm going across different parts of the land, through the soil and ground going about it’s day, not for work or for a meeting, worms don’t have meetings!

I liked the book because it was in the ground, I like being on the ground and never want to be up unless we are going on holiday. I liked the flowers and nature that’s why I have my bed covers with flowers. It was interesting to learn about the worm, it’s journey and it’s poop.

My favourite part was the end seeing the worm in the ground. I’d like to be a worm living in the ground and never growing old.

The poop part was funny and when he said you can’t tell the difference between my face and my bottom! I laughed my bottom off, literally.

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  • Name: Adam
  • Age: 6 years
  • Likes: dragons, Ninjago and healthy food
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