Kid’s Book Review: When Cucumber Lost His Cool

Kid’s Book Review: When Cucumber Lost His Cool

About the Book and Author

This is fun story about emotions, written in rhyming verse by Michelle Robinson with bright and bold illustrations by Tom Knight.

Kevin the cucumber is so cool. Whenever anyone gets hot and bothered, Kevin is always there to cool them down. He even has his own super cool cucumber song:

“I’m super cool Kevin and this is my song!
Make like a cucumber, you can’t go wrong.
You wanna be cool? Then repeat after me:
I am a cucumber, cool as can be!”

But when Kevin starts to feel like his friends are leaving him out, something happens that has never happened before: He loses his cool!

Also available from Scholastic by the same author and illustrator are: The day the Banana Went Bad and When Jelly Had a Wobble


When Cucumber Lost His Cool cover
Michelle Robinson

​Michelle Robinson is the author of over 40 books so far and she just keeps going. She loves to perform her stories, sometimes dressed as my characters. In 2020 I won the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards alongside David Walliams. Visit her website to see if you have read any of the other books she has written. Can you remember which title someone from our kids’ reviews panel has already read and written about?!!

Tom Knight is an illustrator and author from the east coast of England. When he isn’t illustrating he can be found plonking away on various stringed instruments, or staring at the broken boat in the front garden and wishing that he knew how to fix it! Visit his website to see you you recognise any other books he has illustrated.


Book Review

Such a fun book!

Ila loved this book, she was immediately drawn in by the fun, bright illustrations on the first page. Some of which really made her laugh, “Leaky leeks, look he’s done a wee!”, “Zombie spuds, they actually look funny not scary!”

She loved the story so much each time we finished she would shout “Can we read it again?!”

And Kevin the Cucumber’s ditty was brilliant, utterly contagious, we all found ourselves singing it around the house for days afterwards!

Such a fun book!

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Ila young reviewer
  • Name: Ila
  • Age: 3 years
  • Likes: monsters, dragons and tortoises
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