Kid’s Book Review: When I Feel Red

Kid’s Book Review: When I Feel Red

About the Book and Author

April has always marched to the beat of her own drum, but would life be easier if she learned to fit in? Now that she’s in Year 8, things have got even worse. She’s much more likely to be trying to rescue an animal in need than worrying about who’s dating who at school, which April just finds BORING. Plus, her lessons feel like they’re in a foreign language, and it suddenly seems impossible to make it through the week without landing in detention.

As family worries and classroom romances ramp up, it feels like everyone around her is pulling away – even her best friend Ben. But when the pressure’s on, can she find a way to fit in and still be true to herself?

Lily Bailey is a writer. She first became a journalist in London in 2012, editing a news site and writing features and fashion articles for local publications including the Richmond Magazine and the Kingston Magazine. As a child and teenager, Lily suffered from severe Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She kept her illness private, until the widespread misunderstanding of the disorder spurred her into action.

In 2014 she began campaigning for better awareness and understanding of OCD. Her first book, Because We Are Bad (May 2016), recounts her experience of OCD, and was published in the UK, US, Australia and Germany. We also reviewed When I See Blue, which features a character who has OCD.

Book Review

it gives you a clear point of view of 13 year old April and the difficulties she faces living with dyspraxia

When I Feel Red is an empowering story about a girl with dyspraxia, in year eight. When everything gets hectic, how does she get through it? When others in her class start to like each other in a different way, why doesn’t she feel the same? People like her for her drawings but what about her? On top of all of that, a stray cat is on the loose and needs rescuing. What can she do?

I loved reading this book; it gives you a clear point of view of 13 year old April and the difficulties she faces living with dyspraxia. Before reading this book I didn’t know what dyspraxia was. Now I understand that dyspraxia is a condition that can affect your coordination and movements, impacting many different areas of your life such as copying school work down from the board and reading.

The book helps the reader to understand the difficulties that other people may face and that we are not all the same.

I would rate this book as 5/5 and it is perfect for my age group (I am 11). I would 100% recommend reading it because of the exciting adventures that April has and how she copes with managing her symptoms of dyspraxia during these adventures.



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  • Name: Eliana
  • Age: 11 years
  • Likes: my pet gerbils, gymnastics and reading
  • Dislikes: sports and horror movies
  • Favourite Book: Holes by Louis Sacher
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