Kid’s Book Review: Who’s Hiding on the Farm?

Kid’s Book Review: Who’s Hiding on the Farm?

About the Book and Author and Illustrator

This bright and chunky board book has been specially designed for little hands, with lift-the-flaps to explore and shaped tabs to make page-turning easy. Little ones will love counting the chicks from one to five as they head on a search for their mummy – perfect for teaching first numbers AND developing hand-eye coordination!

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Amelia Hepworth lives in London with her family and a very elderly sausage dog called Katie. When she is not writing stories, she enjoys spending time with her little boy and daydreaming in her backyard.

Pintachan’s real name is Pablo! And he lives in the north of Spain with his family where he enjoys watching old sci-fi movies, eating liquorice and, of course, illustrating children’s books.


Book Review

the best chick is wearing sunglasses!

Ilaria was immediately interested in the book and liked the animal page-turners. Ilaria read the book four times the first day she had it and digested more of the story each time.

Initially Ilaria was keen to find and open the flaps and so did not particularly process the story itself. Ilaria realised at the end that the chicks were looking for their mummy and she enjoyed the resolution at the end.

When Ilaria re-read the story she liked hearing how the different animals tried to help the chicks find their mummy and she could identify that the chick’s mummy was getting the hen house ready for bed.

When asked which bit of the story she liked the best Ilaria stated that she particularly liked the chick with the sunglasses on.

The simplicity of the story and its repetitive nature seemed to appeal to Ilaria and she enjoyed re-reading the story a few times.

The illustrations are bright and colourful and this seemed to also grab Ilaria’s attention. Although Ilaria liked it the first day we got it she has not particularly returned to it and I think this is because she is probably a bit old for it now.

I think it would most appeal to 1-2 year olds and I could definitely see Ilaria enjoying it for longer when she was a bit younger as it is a lovely book with colourful imagery.

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Reviewer Profile

  • Name: Ilaria
  • Age: 2 years
  • Likes: Animals, looking after her bunny rabbits and yoghurt
  • Dislikes: Bedtime and having to stop playtime
  • Favourite Book: Bunny and Bee's Noisy Night by Sam Williams
  • Favourite TV programme: Waffle the Wonder Dog
  • Favourite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star